Wattpad Improvements?


I’ve been wanting to ask these questions forever… and have been trying to on twitter… I get ignored though that’s okay I assume they don’t see them or can’t answer them xD Feel free to add your own Ideas to improve wattpad, these are just some questions I’ve been wanting to ask whoever develops the site xD

“Can you please bring back an instant messaging system as Inboxing people can go un-noticed something like Facebooks Messaging system where you can turn on Do not disturb.”

“Also, Please add an area for us to add Co-Authors, Editors, and Cover Makers in our book, even if it’s kinda like the Cast System now, That could show below the summary of the book or maybe even in the actual area of the book.”

“Can there be an official dedication page rather than people making their own? That way the layout could be better?”

“Can there also be an area for trailers? That way the people who don’t want to scroll through hundreds of books and descriptions don’t have too. Sometimes Trailers are better than descriptions are a big way people find published books now a days.”


These are all great suggestions, I agree!


Agree with wanting something like Meebo back. I miss Meebo. It was a lot faster to communicate.

The rest I have no opinion on 'cause I wouldn’t use any of them. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a single book trailer so for me I still with the old fashioned way of judging by the blurb.


Couldn’t book trailers be added to the media portion of the book?

I’m not too fond of an instant messenger on Wattpad — we have an inbox, and if servers nearly the same purpose. If it could have group chat, then we’d be set.

I WOULD really love an area to include those whose participated in the book, though I’d add that information into the acknowledges at the end, and a small line in the blurb (similar to how published books do it), but that’s just me.


I really love the idea of being able to add collaborators because I have a lot of people who help me edit or do covers and it would be great to be able to add them to the book rather than just mentioning them.


Inbox isn’t really all that great, unless you are a person who checks your inbox every like 10 minutes the inbox can easily go unnoticed espeically on the website considering you have to refresh for any notification. Plus you can always put yourself on do not disturb so at least the people who don’t want it will have the option to not give notifications.

Defeats the purpose of finding the book through the trailer, a lot of people don’t like reading through descriptions, The idea is to have another discover section but for like trailers.

As far as an area to include people, having their names at the end isn’t good enough for me, not everyone makes it to the end of books and it would also be a way to give them actual credit rather than an area that’s most people will look over. There’s even like an information area when you’re looking over the book, that would be a great place for it.


It’s like, I get that things are good now and this is how it’s always been, but for someone like me whose been on the platform for six years, these are improvements that wouldn’t hurt anyone and would in fact boost engagement, make creators want to collaborate more and could potentially make the platform a lot better for the new generation.

In a generation where reading is dying out, why not make it where reading is also changing? Making it more fun with people collaborating together, IT would also get rid of a lot of joint accounts, and smaller books could get more attention with the trailer idea because if you make where you can only have one trailer represented for the book, and maybe put a cap of each trailer can’t be more than 1 minute, people will be able to see more about the story than a summary can supply.


Like Image when you go to edit your book on the page on the story details area that would have an area that would be like.

Trailer Link: [Insert Link/Upload Video]

and then on the discover area, underneath Wattpad picks in that blank area there could be a browse trailer area


This area could be like purple or something and it wouldn’t affect anyone who doesn’t do trailers because it’s not a required thing it’s optional. I think it could be a really good idea.


I think another cool suggestion would be if Wattpad added book reviews. Right now people can comment on individual chapters and leave feedback and if you want a review or something on the whole book people have made books for it, but it would be nice if there was an option either on the info page for the book, or at the end of the book where people could post reviews for the whole book and they would be shown over by all the “recent comments” and such in the book information, so people could scroll through the reviews, like they do on Amazon and other sites, and see if the book is good and such. I think it could also help authors to get a better idea of what readers through overall in addition to having the comment feedback per chapter, and it would allow readers to express their thoughts on books as a whole without having to make a review book or do kind of an overview comment at the end.


More transparency. I get tired of being muted by moderators, simply because they don’t want me voicing my displeasure for bad policies.


Is this going to turn into a request thread, 'cause I got some for the new tags ranking feature I’d have no problem repeating :laughing:


Recently I was thinking about something like this and I considered making a “chapter” in my work that instructed readers to leave reviews in the comments of that part.

But, I had decided against it right now, because it would add one more part to the beginning of the work and I already had some separate parts for a prologue and title page before the first chapter. I know some users don’t like too many parts to get to the story.

But, if there was a tab for it and readers didn’t have to skip through another part, that could be useful.


I mean, we recently made a law that Trump can’t block his constituents on twitter. I honestly don’t see the difference between ambassadors and politicians. Being international shouldn’t make a difference.

I like the other proposals.

Turns out my editing issue was a mozilla firefox problem.

Specific reference to one mod that, I kid you not, answered her question why I dont believe in capital punishment. And she mutes because my answer was unsatisfactory.

Can you imagine if … wait Trump already does that.


I wholly agree. (I’m one of those readers who usually skips the intro stuff…)


I think that maybe, rather than not allowing moderators to block people because there might be a legitamate reason, it should be like reporting a story. If you report a story for copyright infringement they email or PM the author accused or something and give them time to fix the story or contest the claim. I think with blocking, they should notify the person being blocked by the moderator and have the moderator explain in detail why they were blocking and then the person being blocked should be able to contest the claim if it’s not legitimate.


Sounds like a good compromise actually. Run for president!^ ^


XD I’m no politician, sorry.


Maybe a special section for blogs, so they’re not flooding the myworks section.

I mean I use Orki, but not everyone has the tech ability to use Dat browser.


There’s blogs on Wattpad? I did not know of this…


Not officially, more like people using non fiction to write blogs.


Ohhh, makes sense. I think a blog section could be cool, but I think it would be a good idea to do it like a separate section like the forums are. You could do a Blogs section not related to the books section, and you could also add a podcast and an audio-book section where authors could upload their works or do podcasts. I think that since they’re other media forms, though, the should be semi-separate from the writing area.