Wattpad keeps deleting my story without any feedback



I’m using Turkish version of Wattpad and today for the second time my story got deleted because of violation of content guidelines. Now I have read content guidelines multiple times in English and in Turkish (they are slightly different) and wrote my story according to that. However Wattpad decided after I reached 13k views that my story (which had more than 20k words in it) was violating guidelines and deleted it without offering any feedback at all. How the hell am I supposed revise or re-write it without knowing what is the problem? Still I decided to publish it again, changing some parts and hoping it wont get deleted this time. Just a couple of minutes ago it got deleted again, still just the mail informing me it got deleted but no actual reason why. Can’t wattpad offer some kind of feedback for their content creators instead of saying “deal with it”? If you read my 20k worded story for an hour and decided it is against the guidelines, you can spare 5 minutes and tell me what the actual problem is…


I don’t know why it was deleted so I asked and was told the best bet would be for you to submit a ticket asking why it was removed. They will be better suited to get back to you that way because they’ll be able to look at your account history.


You can read this article for more info- https://support.wattpad.com/hc/en-us/articles/208000896-How-Do-I-Get-Back-a-Deleted-Story-Part-

FYKI, Support never delete any story without reason. If your story was deleted, there must have been a strong reason. You can submit a ticket - support.wattpad.com


I already did and waiting eagerly for their reply.


And I want to know that strong reason as someone who spent hours writing it. I already sent a ticket and waiting for a reply.


I’ve read this somewhere else on the Community website. Somebody else also had a similar issue, but I didn’t get a chance to read that thread… Or, maybe it was on somebody’s display board…

Anyways, I hope you get your justice. It’s not fair what happened to you. Wattpad is getting awfully glitchy these days…


Always, always back up your work, friend. I use google docs, so even if my external hard drive screws up or my computer faces the blue screen of death, it’ll be on docs to view from anywhere with your login.


This is why you save your writing to Google Docs or your personal computer if you’re able to.


Same with Google Docs. I also save it to my computer in a full length form to keep track of my word count.


Docs has a word count, it’s in the add on category, “better word count” and it just adds it to your docs.


You don’t even need an add-on though…word count is literally under “tools”. It’s quite handy.


The thing is I back up my work and they are safe but since this is the second time its getting deleted, the problem is someone, probably a Wattpad Ambassador, deletes it. So it’s not a glitch. I’ve sent ticket but there hasnt been a reply so far.


What was your story about?
Maybe I can help you finding out why it was maybe banned.
(I am no amb)


Stories are deleted only when they violate the Content Guidelines. You can read this post for more info-