Wattpad Launches Wattpad Books, a New Publishing Division to Bring Diverse, Data-Backed Stories to Book-Lovers Everywhere


Wattpad has announced they’re launching their own division of books, Wattpad Books, and are set to release six books this autumn.

You can read more about it on their company website: https://company.wattpad.com/blog/2019/1/23/wattpad-launches-wattpad-books-a-new-publishing-division-to-bring-diverse-data-backed-stories-to-book-lovers-everywhere

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Woooh, so exciting! And big congrats to the 6 soon to be published authors! :partying_face:


How cool! Looking forward to seeing this develop.


CBC has also covered this:


Sounds really cool!!! I love seeing Wattpad writers achieve the dream of becoming published authors!


Huh. It looks like they’re traditionally publishing half a dozen of Wattpad’s most popular books. Will the venture be limited to that, or will there also be a second tier of self-publishing like Smashwords? I’m sure Wattpad would love to make a cut from all the authors who currently look to Kindle.


I’d love to know the answer to this too. I’m sure if they move that direction it will be well after they’ve gotten a chance to see how these first six books do in sales. I’d still much rather give a cut to Wattpad than Amazon if I ever decide to self publish so I hope that is the case.


That’s a really interesting question. From reading the posts about how Wattpad Books operates and how they intent to data harvest, it looks like they might concentrate of finding popular works on Wattpad and taking those to a larger audience.

I suspect it will work like the AllStars programme and you will need to attract their attention by having a stand out story with millions of reads. Although it does say they will look for “undiscovered gems” too.


Story selection is a combination of art and science: both data insights and editorial considerations inform how we find and choose great stories for Wattpad Books.

We’re looking at much more than just popularity: we are looking at all the data points that help us understand how audiences engage with the story, as well as the traditional elements of what makes a story great and what will resonate with and continue shaping the market. We also take an intersectional approach to our slate to ensure that the stories we select for Wattpad Books reflect the diversity of the Wattpad community.

Hope this helps! I will field questions as best I can.


Will there be any sort of querying process available in the future (I know I’d surely be interested, Wattpad rep has always been a dream), or is it more of if you post to Wattpad you have a chance like the other programs?

This is super exciting, and I can’t wait to see all of the awesomeness that comes out of it!


While there is no formal submission process, any story on Wattpad may be considered for Wattpad Books. At Wattpad, we have a number of internal processes to discover, evaluate and analyse stories deeply to see if they’re the right fit for publication. We encourage writers to continue writing and making their story the best it can be. Continue to build and engage your audience.

For upcoming opportunities on how to increase your story’s visibility for Wattpad Books, stay tuned for information on the 2019 Watty Awards (coming in June)! In the meantime, we encourage you to continue to promote your stories on and off Wattpad.

Wattpad Next Beta Applications and Featuring Update ft Nick

It’ll be very interesting to see how this goes. We can always use another Canadian publisher.


Sweet, thanks, Samantha! :heart:

I have another question, if that’s alright? (This is so exciting!) Is editing being done in house?


We are using both in-house and external resources for editing!


I’m guessing the “giving coins to Wattpad authors” was a bust?

The more things change, the more things stay the same.


I personally think this whole thing sounds awesome :blush:


I do want to say I hope that at some point you can set up a formal querying opportunity. That way the little guy can feel like they have a chance instead of looking from the outside in and immediately brushing it off as they have no chance if they’re not popular. Because unfortunately that will be how some people will see this.

Excited to see how this pans out for both Wattpad and the authors selected!


No, it’s been hugely successful actually. There have been updates on that (and there will continue to be more updates on that in the following weeks). Wattpad Next is a separate program entirely.


No, it wasn’t a bust. Wattpad Next is on a different platform than Wattpad Books. Next is online, the first batch of Wattpad Books are to be released in bookstores across Canada.