Wattpad Launches Wattpad Books, a New Publishing Division to Bring Diverse, Data-Backed Stories to Book-Lovers Everywhere


Yes but in your comment it seemed like you were implying people dont pick up stuff till itts popular. But its user activity that drives that popularity. Might be that i just misunderstood your comment


I think that’s what the poster was saying. Books are picked up because people are reading them.


I’m going to guess that’s a “yes.” They’ve essentially cut out the middle-man (or woman, if you will.) You might be able to insist on having a lawyer involved since there’s a contract involved, but an agent has been rendered irrelevant by the direct relationship that they’re establishing with the writer, i.e., the agent isn’t the one bringing the deal to the table, Wattpad is.

I wonder how it will work with those Wattpadders who already have agent though? In those cases, Wattpad may only act as the publisher.


I like this concept. Maybe a once a year voting thing? Interesting.


Oh, best of luck!!


Very excited for this! I keep imagining how cool it would be to see books, you know from Wattpad on the shelves of your bookstore.


Isn’t this what Wattys are for technically?


The Wattys aren’t a people’s choice vote, which is I think what @kadauhara99 was going for (please correct me if that’s wrong!)

I meant more like some of us Wattpad authors voting and not the usual Wattpad staff/algorithm voting like the Wattys.


Sounds similar to what swoonreads does. I’m not sure how exactly they pick their stories for publishing but they usually have periods where they ask people to read and comment on stories to get them noticed by the staff.


Yeah, it might also bring more writers, like those who’ve been traditionally published or self-published on Amazon. We’ve got a bit of an advantage in already having built up an audience (no matter how small), rather than having to start from scratch, but it probably would’t hurt to start cleaning up your messy Wattpad first drafts so your best work is in the mix. :woman_shrugging:

I think your hypothesis about an acquisition or deeper partnership is interesting but so far down the line, who knows? And they’re definitely in the IP business, but I can’t see them getting into actual production. It’s way too expensive, requires a ton of people with highly specialized skills, and is very risky. IP harvesting, though, is dirt cheap. They’re in a great position in that regard, especially once you add the data aspect to it.


Story selection is a combination of art and science: both data insights and editorial considerations inform how we find and choose great stories for Wattpad Books.

We’re looking at much more than just popularity: we are looking at all the data points that help us understand how audiences engage with the story, as well as the traditional elements of what makes a story great and what will resonate with and continue shaping the market. We also take an intersectional approach to our slate to ensure that the stories we select for Wattpad Books reflect the diversity of the Wattpad community.


I think that’s another good part of this - because Wattpad is the publisher, they can keep the first draft on the website for free, maybe drawing in more readers to the published version. This is exciting, because it means that readers could see the difference between the published and Wattpad versions. I did this with the Follow Me Back books, and it was kinda fun.



It is true that making movies/episodic is not cheap. But I think of how Marvel transformed from a licensor to producer. I believe that company had taken out a non-recourse loan, something that I doubt Wattpad could do. What Wattpad could do is seek outside funding, in part, for filmed-entertainment projects. Maybe a company like Legendary would invest in a Netflix series from Wattpad, for instance. I’m not sure how much Wattpad itself invested in something like Light as a Feather, but I would assume the company could eventually get funding somewhere for a slate. Eventually the company could be come like studios such as STX or A2. But you definitely bring up a good point. As far as the skills needed, Wattpad would need to hire a good head of production who has been in the industry. The company would need to find its own Ted Sarandos.

Good discussion, paulapdx, some good food for thought…


I do hope, really do, but @Spruce_Goose and I have our reservations. At the very least, I see it as they’d only consider a small niche category as Historical Fiction when Books is well and truly a contender or even a leader in the market. That is generally months away.


Not gonna lie, I’m tempted to write a book that includes the ‘Badboy’ tag just to see what happens xD


I use that tag on my YA Fantasy that has historical fiction elements in it just to test the theory. I have a bad boy in my story (actually a lot of them), so I’m not actually lying by using it. XD :grin:


The idea of writing a full blown book centred around as many Bad boy stereotypes as possible just to test it is so tempting!


Is it sad to say that I see it being a WP best seller XD


That title sounds like a knock off of NY times best seller :joy: Sorrynotsorry


Yeah. Canada. What about the rest of the world? You know…like the United States? Global distribution? Bookstores? Etc…?

I don’t really want to rain on anyone’s parade here, but you’re not going to get much mileage out of six published books based on a small online social networking platform that decided to throw its hat into the publishing business when giants like Amazon are still kicking everyone’s butt and controls 75% of the book market.

I also realize wattpad doesn’t have the means and infrastructure to compete on that level.

So success on that is marginal at best.

Unless it’s everyone’s intent to publish different variations of AFTER?