Wattpad Launches Wattpad Books, a New Publishing Division to Bring Diverse, Data-Backed Stories to Book-Lovers Everywhere


Here’s a thought… read the article.

It says VERY CLEARLY that they have partnered with Macmillan in the US and will have retail placement across North America.


OMG! Someone who knows the business…be still my heart! :blush:

It’s totally fun to speculate, isn’t it @ZTEJ2943? You bring up a good point in that if they just kept to the financing and left the production to the studio partner, that I could see. They have a huge investment from Tencent, so it’s certainly conceivable. Heck, Netflix may buy them at some point, just to get a steady stream of content. They (being Netflix) did buy Millar Entertainment, the largest independent comics publisher, I think? So, there’s a precedent.

They actually do have a talented Head of Production, Eric Lehrman, (super-nice guy) who used to work for Bad Robot and USA Network, so they’ve got that piece in place.

I think your overall speculation is definitely in line with the Master Plan that the CEO put out a while ago. https://company.wattpad.com/blog/2016/11/30/the-master-plan .
At this rate, they my get there in under 10 years (it looks like they have about 7 years to go.) Entertainment is changing so rapidly, and the lines are blurring, and at least some barriers to entry are coming down, that it’s just pretty darn exciting to be a part of it, even if your masterpiece doesn’t spawn the next, big theme park (which was mentioned in the master plan, but more as a joke.) :grin:


So um I’m gonna be one of those people but can someone dumb it down for me?

Not everything is understandable to me.


Hey! There were all sorts of Bad Boys all throughout history. Who knows? You might draw folks from both sides of the aisle!! Braveheart, 300, Pirates of the Caribbean anyone?


Dumb down what? The first post literally sums up the article in one sentence.


Did you have questions about the announcement or a particular part of the discussion?


I am one of those people Prisim.

But I doubt wattpad will convert to this because they still want to make that dollar.


Bad Boy and the Historical Detective.

Bad Boy Sherlock Holmes.

“Deletes posts so no one gets any ideas.”


Wow. Color me impressed. Not.

I’m still making more off my books than I would with Wattpad’s pitiful excuse for royalty rates.

And as an added bonus…? I don’t have the stigma of being remotely associated with Wattpad in any way, shape, or form. Because my books have been published through Amazon.


Yet, you’re still on here constantly degrading writers, even after saying you were going to leave in December 2018.

But that’s for another thread.


This thread isn’t about you.


When you’re part of a cult following, expect nothing less. This is the reason why the quality of books has been declining in recent years. Everyone with a platform thinks they can be a publisher and they partner with the mainstream who keeps churning more crappy books for the reading public and it makes people like me not want to read anymore.

So the fault isn’t with me. It’s with a bunch of people who have virtually no concept of what a good book entails and thinks that anything published on Wattpad is going to be a best-selling novel.

And you have to ask yourselves why the authors of both The Kissing Booth and After haven’t published anything else since their first books launched years ago?

There’s your first clue, Sherlock.


Aaaanyways, Forbes wrote about this too:


Schuyler, I know that you can easily write a comment without the passive-aggressiveness and stay on topic because you’ve done just that on other threads. Please do that.


Says the one with one star reviews when their book launched.


If you despise and think so little of Wattpad, why are you still here?


The Verge also covered it!


@FantasybkLover @LittleMinx94 This thread isn’t about Thorpe, folks. Stay on topic, please.


I’m still more open to this than I was for Next. They still haven’t really released a lot of info for Next, so it’s a bit worrying. All Nick told us were what books were benefiting the most (a step in the right direction) so hopefully they’re a little more transparent with Wattpad Books and how many copies are sold.


Wait, why are we being called out?