Wattpad Launches Wattpad Books, a New Publishing Division to Bring Diverse, Data-Backed Stories to Book-Lovers Everywhere


I don’t understand why you and others always call those of us out who are calling him out for his negative behavior. At this point it feels like ambassadors are defending a known troll. Send me a PM please.


Yes, I’m aware. He’s bashing the new program in which this thread is about and I think that warrants to at least ask him why he’s still on Wattpad if he hates it so much and to open up a conversation about this new program and how, even though he’s bitter about it already, it could do some real good for the site as a whole.

I think that’s a fair discussion point but absolutely see where it could also go wrong and derail the topic. Duly noted.


I don’t think this has anything to do with Next. So… Yah, I have no comment on that to be honest :joy:


Thorpe just got the same message. Stay on topic. This isn’t about him or his attitude. Calling out, especially when it’s personal, is pretty negative, too. Try ignoring. It’s cleaner.


Yes, I too am not a huge fan of Next but do understand its purpose and hope that it IS working and some authors are getting some money out of it.

I am far more excited about this new launch though and the possibilities it could bring. It really could help improve the name of Wattpad as a whole in the publishing world.


And he did kind of make it about himself with the way he addressed me and the last paragraph of post 254.

That’s all I’ll say for now.


Bad Boy and the Philosopher’s Stone
Bad Boy and the Chamber of Secrets… :smiling_imp:


That made me chuckle out loud :rofl:




Oh boy…


And it makes sense since Wattpad already gotten into the YA market and are known for it (I assume in the American Market. Where I’m from, no one’s heard of Wattpad at all). It’ll be interesting to see how the market reacts to the next lot of stories Wattpad plan to publish, especially the success of it (if any).

No doubt there will be with isolating the project in the North American region for minimal financial backlash if somehow it doesn’t work. Good business strategy :wink:


Hmm. My mind is going down lots of yummy marketing package opportunities.
Since WP Books are being backed by a mainstream publishing house, it’ll be awesome if they had tailored promotional packages with the base contract for exclusive rights to a term.

YA Fantasy package would consist of:
Comic convention book tours,
No of YouTube rave reviews…

Historical Fiction packages
Focus on Library book tours,
History seminars
Book club reviews/meetings…

Of course the base promotional package would include digital media campaigning across various main media sites.

Wait… Did I just rave on about a self publishing wish list?


Or what some vanity publishers promise. Traditional publishers typically decide what marketing efforts are worth it, not the author who signed, though the author is encouraged to market on their own.


Oh no, the dreaded V…P term. I have some personal scars with said dodgy vulture publishing houses.


Haven’t finished reading the thread yet.

  1. This opportunity for writers is amazing i am looking forward to seeing its development and how this pans out.

  2. This BLVNP is a name known for…bleh! This entire FAQ is just so shady. They dare call themselves a trad pub but can’t promise to get your book in a store?

  3. Also minors cannot sign contracts so …

But back to actual publishing that matters. I am really excited to see what happens for the authors here. What I would want to see is literary agents representing authors and/or a lawyer to vet contracts. It would interesting to see if wattpad’s imprint contracts can rival that of the big 5


I’m sorry, but i find your comment unexpectedly hilarious lol. (sorry it just flew out :joy:)


This is my uninformed educated guess so this is just my guesstimate. I suspect that right now due to the new split in the company with wattpad opening up their imprint as well as another team handling next as well as another team maintaining the website and making sure their model is competitive with the likes of Tapas etc they may not have the staff or the resources to handle query submissions right now if they opened it. Notice talent scouts were timed.

There are 70 million people coming here per month and if they opened queries now lots of folks will be flooding the submissions. That is a lot to handle. Especially if people submit more than one book which most likely they would.

I do suspect however the wattys this year will be used as a sort of submission process because wattys usually deals with books that have been already written and polished to a certain degree. That said (and again this is just my guess) I think was pretty telling when they released a form to be featured how very detailed that form was. Everyone said “it feels like we’re pitching to a publishing company” chances are you were! They just could not say anything because people would be flooding the system. Funny enough “I’m a Gay Wizard” was a featured book as well. Very interesting.


I had that at the back of my head too. It makes sense, since it narrows down the range for them.


And it uses data to scour through the books too.


Though I suspect that this imprint will be followed by a self-publishing arm for the rest of Wattpad, that is going to be an issue that affects Wattpad more than it would Amazon. That said, teenagers can have bank accounts and recieve paychecks (remember that McJob you had at 16?), so this may be solvable.