Wattpad Launches Wattpad Books, a New Publishing Division to Bring Diverse, Data-Backed Stories to Book-Lovers Everywhere


Had to look up mcjobs cause i had no idea what they were as a non American lol but i can see what you’re getting at here.


I think that this year’s Wattys winners would get a publishing deal as the grand prize apart from the story being pitched to the Wattpad Studios. Just my thoughts here.

Agree with you :slight_smile: Only the best stories are chosen.


I wonder if Anna Todd would consider publishing through the imprint – she who has published 10 books and has a movie of one coming out in April.


I don’t think I’d get away with using the Bad Boy hashtag in a book about WW2 xD

Oh my God! YESSS!!


Lol. NO! XD

Send me a PM if you decide to do it.


I don’t think I’d get a solid idea xD


Taming the Bad Boy, Sherlock Holmes.


These titles need their own thread XD


Bloody hell xD I didn’t think it would be possible to merge them


If Wattpad gave her a better deal? I can’t see why not.


They do xD (Probably would be better so we don’t derail the thread :joy:




So happy about this.
Now wattpad can really rise up to become the amazing organisation it really is.


Yes, I’m assuming you’re correct in all of this. I was just saying that I hope in the future they will open up a querying service. They’ve got a boat load of projects going right now so I get that they don’t have the resources to support queries quite yet.

Totally understandable but I do hope it changes in the future.

You could be right about the featuring idea though! They Wattys, I would say less so since anyone can enter anything just by using a hashtag so often half of the entries and unfinished turds lol BUT if an author takes time to fill out the feature form, chances are more likely they are in it for the long haul and it’s not just a hobby for them.

Very interesting indeed!


I have a feeling that one of the prizes for this year’s Wattys will have something to do with this. That makes me very, very excited for the Wattys.


Wow, Cool!


This is a great opportunity and motivates me to find my love for writing again :heart:


Might depend on if she has any kind of right to first refusal deal with Simon & Schuster. I don’t know how common something like that might be though.

Would be interesting since she is probably the biggest fish to come out of Wattpad. But even for her that might be quite the risk since who knows how this venture pays off for Wattpad at this point.


woah!!! amazing


Getting some use outta your control+V in this thread, right?

Does intersectional mean positive discrimination?