Wattpad Launches Wattpad Books, a New Publishing Division to Bring Diverse, Data-Backed Stories to Book-Lovers Everywhere


I think we’ve all been tempted to secrectly name a deeply literary and challenging work The Bad Boy dun dun dun just for shits and giggles, haven’t we


Probably xD Make Historical Fiction great again! (By using bad boys :joy:)


This sounds really cool! It also seems like it’s a great way for new and budding authors to develop! :sunny:


Is there anyway you can see this form? I’ve actually no idea how featuring works. I heard you used to be able to nominate people years ago but then something changed and now it’s confusing.





Thanks! :+1:


No problemo :smile:


All I’ve to say is this: it makes me motivated even more to write. I know I won’t have a snowball’s chance of publishing, but I’m glad there’s a new opportunity for us to do so if everything goes well.


I personally find this an amazing development due too the simple fact that it can open a doorway to wattpad becoming a huge publishing company that is easily accessible to the average person, and that we won’t have too fight to get our stuff published


Let me get started on this YA book…

I think this is an amazing idea. I’m more open to this then Wattpad Next Beta.


Are the contract terms posted anywhere? I mean what kind of royalty rates 's are they offering? Do they give advances? If someone has a link, I’d like to check it out. At the end of the day, it’s the contract that determines whether a publisher is worth signing with or not. That, and their ability to sell books to READERS rather than attracting WRITERS.


@MichaelJSullivan I’d say the contracts would be specific to the authors eg it would depend on where you lived for example - EU laws are different from the USA. Then they might want film rights, translation or series rights in some cases and not in others.

In general publishing contracts seem to be very secretive and bound by confidentiality clauses.

I would love to see more openness in general in the publishing industry about who makes what.


That’s the first thing that came to my mind too.

The viability of this is the other thing (how much of a royalty are you really going to end up with when you’re dealing with such an outdated system like distributing to a brick and mortar store that demands 45-55% of cover price off the top, etc. That’s part of why a lot of people turned to Kindle and pure digital publishing platforms in the first place)

I’m very curious to see how this all works out.


Although the contracts will vary some, the contracts are going to based in Canada where Wattpad is, not where the writer lives.

I, too, will be curious to see how much rights grabbing they do, what kind of advance they offer, what formats they publish in, and what kinds of royalties they will offer – and how much they’re willing to negotiate their terms. Are they going to demand audio rights? All rights (which would be an immediate deal killer for me)?

Confidentiality and secrecy in publishing contracts benefit ONLY the publisher – and it makes me wonder what they’re hiding. I’ll be curious to see if Wattpad follows that road. Not all publishers do.


Sounds exciting! :smile:


A publisher that allows you to post the contract on a public forum? Do share! I’d love to know who they are and see those contracts.

I’ve signed more than a few contracts, and I’ve never been allowed to share the contents anywhere.

@MichaelJSullivan, maybe you could share the details on some of yours? What royalties to expect, the terms, etc. Maybe you’ve shared that elsewhere, but I have to admit I haven’t looked very hard. If you have, please provide a link.

Incidentally, I caution anyone to post their contract details. I responded to a post of someone who did. What I should have done was told her to take it down (which she did later and I assume because she realized her error). We all should have told her to take it down. In fact, in restropect I feel badly that I didn’t and hope nothing terrible came of it. But since the thread is locked, I suppose we’ll never know.


I also seriously doubt that Wattpad will allow the contracts to be public. Why would they?


Well, I hope whoever is approached by them has an IP lawyer negotiate the terms! Bare minimum, have a private conversation with someone who knows what to look for. I love Wattpad, but I don’t for one millionth of a second believe their contract will be more favorable to writers than any other trad contract.

Trad contracts SUCK.


I couldn’t agree with you more. I think a lot of people jump into contracts because they are so excited to be published. A lawyer with experience is a must.


@MerrilyMerrily I think it would be great if the publishing industry, in general, had more openness and I’m curious why they don’t let people share contracts.

This isn’t about Wattpad Books - they have to follow what is the norm in the industry.

But why the secrecy overall? Most salary’s and contracts are available eg sports people, politicians. Even if they get money from an Instagram post or a gift, they have to declare it.