Wattpad Launches Wattpad Books, a New Publishing Division to Bring Diverse, Data-Backed Stories to Book-Lovers Everywhere


It’s secretive because it’s highly competitive. If I had a publishing company, I wouldn’t allow my authors to share their contracts. What happens if one person gets a higher advance than another? Or the royalties are different? Then you have an unhappy author.

And while negotiating, sports figures are not sharing their potential contracts. It may come out later (or it may not). As for politicans, they work for taxpayers. Their incomes should be public.


@MerrilyMerrily This leaves people open to being ripped off. I know they say, get a lawyer - but I’ve used them for other things - and always end up checking out and finding things they miss.

A lot of websites are poaching Wattpad authors. Some may be above board and give a good deal - but there are also ones that may be taking advantage of their naivety. (Which is because they know nothing about author contracts). If we can’t find comparatives, our solicitor probably won’t be able to either and can’t advise.

For other jobs that we might apply for, there are loads out there about the contracts we can expect. I know some authors on good deals might have their nose out of joint - but for the good of all, I think there should be more openness about the financial side of writing.


That’s so cool! :smiley:


Sounds interesting


It does, it would be really neat if Wattpad had it’s own publishing company.


Yeah, it would be really cool, i bet a lot of people would like it.
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Any of you excited or interested about this? :smile:


I am sure they would (@PurpleReborn would be interested too)


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I’m not sure I understand this. It says it gonna publish hidden gems and other stories to bookshelves but doesn’t mention if it’s getting permission from these authors to do so and if they are getting paid for their books to get published.


Yup, it would be pretty cool in my opinion


Yes they’re getting permission from the authors. This is Wattpad opening their own publishing arm so they will contract the authors as any traditional publisher will. Now what those terms are, I couldn’t tell you. But no book will be published without the author signing a contract.


Oh ok.


My thoughts exactly lol


That’s good. At least they are having give their permission to do so before publishing.


You bad bad girl


I agree, I would like to know the terms too.


Excellent points both you and Michael. I’ve always wondered why was there such strict policies on the contract and details like the advance etc. It creates a bit of a mystery when you are unable to be clear about the numbers.


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You’re welcome, i think others might be interested


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