Wattpad Launches Wattpad Books, a New Publishing Division to Bring Diverse, Data-Backed Stories to Book-Lovers Everywhere


You get a lawyer who is familiar with literary contracts. Look, no one is going to jeopardize a deal to post their contract for other people to see. Frankly, even if I could, it wouldn’t be anyone’s business.

If you’re offered a contract, do your research. That doesn’t mean you get to see other people’s contracts. All reputable publishers give you a good idea what they are offering. Besides, even if you saw James Patterson’s contract, you wouldn’t get the same terms. You wouldn’t get his advance.

So if LitFire or Inkitt or someother - in my opinion - less reputable publisher comes knocking on your door, a simple google search will tell you what you need to know about that publisher.


Wow! Just read about this on one of my writing boards. I’ve had a novel up on Wattpad for 4 years, and one of the problems with it is that it’s been online and read by lots of readers already. So none of the traditional publishers want that. They want unread and not on the internet manuscripts. So, this is so helpful for us that have written and published a novel online. It finally gives us a way to bring these novels to light more. I love how they are using data and reader feedback to determine what will be the next best sellers. I’m looking forward to see how this imprint plays out. And the studio program they launched is exciting too. :wink: Gives prawnie, self-published and Wattpadders hope to get our works out there. There are so many untapped voices that are so good! Looking forward to the reading lists too.


There’s actually been a few threads about this exact issue and most have said that this actually isn’t the case for a lot of publishing houses.

This was the thread if you’re interested in reading more about it :slight_smile: I was worried about this myself but a lot of the things said on this thread helped ease my worries.


Thank you for answering. I think with this program starting, it gives me so many questions to ask. I guess I’m wondering mostly what we would need to do to get our stories noticed or as a possible consideration. A lot of editors will put out in lists what they are looking for.

And I guess, it’s good to mention the feedback I’ve had from my Wattpad written novel. Traditional publishers don’t consider it since it’s been “published” or seen already. I have tried to pitch it. So, to have this new imprint opportunity is so helpful and hopeful at the same time. I’m sure there are a lot of people on Wattpad where the only option for something you have written on here is self-publishing. So, a Wattpad imprint is so exciting! And the studio too! Guess all this just gives me hope for little prawnie authors like me. :wink:


I’ve actually pitched my novel on Wattpad to agents and editors and they weren’t interested in it because it was already on Wattpad. So, it may have to do with what agent or editor is interested or not. There are a lot out there. All of them were from a range of Big 5 editors to small editors and agencies. This was at several different writing conferences, both romance and general writing. But I pitched to agents and editors interested in romance.


So, I checked the thread. It is started with the question just asked to “one” agent. I’ve also talked to one agent that is agreeable to on-line writing, but she did say it is harder to sell things that are on-line already to traditional publishers. She often will publish it herself on her own imprint.

So, I’ve pitched to 7- 8 agents my Wattpad novel and stopped because I was getting the same answer. And it could be contemporary romance is harder to sell or acquire. Or they didn’t like the story idea. But a lot said they liked the story, but it was usually mentioned that it was already on Wattpad, and it might be a problem. That is what made it harder.

I’m just trying to give the other side out there. That you should think about whether you want to put a story up or not online. Think about what you want to do with it. My novel was written on Wattpad and born there. I have many other projects self-published and not on Wattpad at all. So, thinking what you want your story to have as a future is important in what you do with it later.

Having this new imprint is just a great opportunity for projects that are on Wattpad. In the end, you are a writer. You can write more books. So, having other places to write or publish is only a good thing. I’ve always thought as Wattpad as my experimental playground where I try out new things. :wink:


How many reads do you have, and did you tell them that too?

When you don’t have a lot of reads (and by “a lot” I mean 1M or more), I wouldn’t mention Wattpad until I was in a representation discussion with an agent – and then I would say “I put up an early, very rough draft for feedback. I didn’t market it for reads.” That will explain WHY this free book you’re asking them to pay for didn’t have any interest.


Wow, and they said they wouldn’t take it mainly because it was on Wattpad already? Did it have to do with first rights or something?

From everything I read on that thread and from the Lit agent who’d blog was posted within the thread, it seemed like if the story does well on here and you can show the agencies that you have a good online presence and that your content is marketable, it helps your chances of getting a publisher interested in your book. That even if your work has been on this site before, just mention it in your query letter and it’s not a deal breaker.

1. How do agents and publishers feel about work that has been previously posted online? (if the work posted online is the same work being queried)

It doesn’t really matter

^^ From the agent in the blog.

I’m not trying to disagree by the way at all! Just hoping to find some more answers in all of this and get some clarity :slight_smile:


Oh crap. lol I just saw you posted another response back.

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Absolutely! I could not agree with this more. It’s a fantastic opportunity all around!

I appreciate you giving us an insight into how agents reacted to your Wattpad novel pitch. It’s good to hear both sides of things so that once I do end up pitching and querying, I can know that hearing that “Wattpad novels aren’t wanted” is a definite possibility.


It is actually per your advice that I’ve waited so long to query! lol You mentioned this to me once in a thread and I said that I would wait until I hit 1 million to start querying. I hit it about six months ago and… now I think I’m just scared and making excuses :rofl:


I don’t think being published on Wattpad or the number of reads is entirely the issue. I think contemporary romance is a tough and glutted market, and traditional publishers are being outsold and outpeiced by indies - which is why they are seeking women’s fiction right now.

I had two Wattpad novels with over 1.5 million reads. One was a RITA finalist. No publisher interest when I pitched at RWA. Which is fine, because it’s far more lucrative for me to be an indie/publish on Radish/publish on Next.


You think so? I’ve never really considered Radish or Next. What exactly is Next if you don’t mind me asking?


Next is the pay-by-the-chapter program on wattpad. It’s in beta at the moment with only 20 or so books.


I’m moderately confident that hints at a self-publishing arm, so that writers who want to turn their stories into polished ebooks stay within Wattpad instead of giving that commission to Amazon.


Oh! Duh. lol I just didn’t know it had a name! lol Or I did and I just totally blanked. lol Thanks for refreshing my memory!


hmm :thinking:


Yeah. But as big as Wattpad is I don’t see it as able to compete with Amazon or be able to give writers a good enough deal.


I’m not sure what you mean. You mean providing services like editing, covers design, and formatting? Or are you thinking distribution? Because self published books can (and should) be available wide, ESPECIALLY on Amazon. If Wattpad tried to be exclusive with either their trad arm or a proposed self pubbed arm, they would be shooting their authors in the foot out of the gate.


Lol… Let me know what you’re thinking, Edan :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hugs: