Wattpad Library Poll

Hello, it’s me, back at it again with another poll. This time it’s about the Wattpad Library. I have a few suggestions in my head that would be a great idea and want to know what you guys think of it. All that being said, let’s begin.

Note: More questions may be added to the poll

How do you sort your library?

  • By Title
  • By Author
  • Recently Added
  • Recently Updated
  • Recently Read

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Grid or List? Which do you prefer?

  • Grid
  • List

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Would you like a Sort By Tag and/or Genre?

  • Yes
  • No

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Would you like subcategories for Genre? (Ex: Sort By Genre —> Teen Fiction —> Bad Boy)

  • Yes
  • No

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Would you like subcategories for Tags? (Ex: Sort By Tags —> Romance —> Types Of Romances)

  • Yes
  • No

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For sorting by tags, in terms of diverse books, would you like it sort by race and/or LGBT? (Ex: Sort By Tags —> Diverse —> Race —> Asian, Black, Hispanic [in terms of race]. Sort By Tags —> Diverse —> LGBT —> Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian [in terms of LGBT+]

  • Yes
  • No

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Note that you CAN discuss in here.

Poll Results #1: 66% of people sort by Recently Read, 33% sort by Recently updated. All the others are at 0%

60% like Grid and 10% like List

So far, everyone said Yes to sorting by tag and/or genre.

Genre Subcategories: 70% Yes, 30% No

Tag Subcategories: 55% No, 44% Yes

Diverse Tag Subcategories: 70% No, 30% Yes

Keep voting. And if you want to, let me know what are your thoughts on with some of the questions in terms replies!


I said no to tag subcategories because you can just use a specific tag for that. Using specific the like “urbanfantasy” and “asgardian” and “nonbinary” are already there, so as tong as we can search through all tags on wattpad, we should be good.

More options are always appreciated! I’d like to see a polyamory subcategory too.

Poll Results #2: 63% of people sort by Recently Read, 31% sort by Recently updated. 13% for Recently Added, 9% by Title, and 4% by author

76% like Grid and 23% like List

95% said Yes to sorting by tag and/or genre. 5% said no

Genre Subcategories: 66% Yes, 33% No

Tag Subcategories: 44% No, 55% Yes

Diverse Tag Subcategories: 66% No, 33% Yes


Any reason (or reasons) why you don’t want them sorted by tag and/or genre?

It doesn’t seem like something I’d use.

I honestly just use my reading lists to sort stuff and save it to my library in order not to lost it.


Why did you vote Yes for the sort by genre/tags?

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If you think about it though, there’s multiple genres in a user’s Wattpad Library (depending on who’s it is), and sorting it by genre makes it easier to go through and scroll for what genre the book is under and clicking on it.

With the library, you have to keep scrolling and scrolling to find the book you want to read. Separating it by genre—especially for any book you want to read—would be easier.

I agree, sorting by genre would really help. I’d love the ability to be able to organize my library myself in lists, and then I could choose either genre or other related topics if I wanted. I like having control over my own sorting and organization personally.


I’d prefer that system. Have it be organized like the reading lists are.


So when I am in the mood for a certain genre/tag that I added to my library, I can easily find the ones I have saved.

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It’d be easier to see what can be grouped together than not. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Exactly :smile:

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Because I like and read different genres, pretty much anything from mystery/thriller to romance and sometimes I might be into the mood for something dark/light depending on how I feel so it might be handy for me to be able to filter my library by genres/subgenres so I can find a story for the occasion more easily.

As of now, I have to rely on my reading lists, which I’ve sorted by subgenres.

Also, an additional idea for indecisive people like me, a random button would also be quite cool, something that gives a random story from your library for the times when you can’t seem to settle on something.

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Random can definitely help out as well.

Agreed. It could be something like Mystery/Thriler and the subgenre could be “Psychological” or something else.

But yeah, the Library could possibly look something like this.

-By Title
-By Author
-By Genre
-By Tags
-Recently Added
-Recently Updated
-Recently Read

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I feel like the “recently” s would be messed up by those using multiple devices to read. Even within the same device, actually. Such as, if I add a book to my library from Chrome, it usually appears around the middle on my Wattpad app. Now, if I read it on Chrome, it doesn’t move. If I read something on the app, it jumps to the top. In the same way, my reading position is not always the same.

I only use my library when I want updates. I use my reading lists for sorting.

If I finish a completed book, I either archive it or remove it from the library.