Wattpad losing reads? :(

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Hi, everyone. The pandemic is still on the rise, so I hope you’re all safe. I’ll just get straight to the point. So, I’ve been in wattpad for four to five years I think, long enough to see the differences in the current interface and the previous ones. Back then, whenever the new stories showed up, they instantly fell on the radar of the viewers of the website as long as the writers uploaded daily enough to bag the likes. The good ones often grabbed enough likes for clueless readers like me–who’d log in after a few days and have no idea where to start from–to notice them and give them a shot. It was way easier to look for awesome stories and way easier for the awesome ones to gain more reads.


This time, I see a different trend. The good ones are in the paid section and quite old, published between 2014-18 or so, whereas the new ones are hardly getting any reads, forget the likes. Earlier the catchy stories used to attract enough likes very quickly. It made it easier to figure out whether a story was worth the read because the opinions of the mass was widely available. Now, with the concept of paid stories, I’m starting to believe wattpad is pushing away all the potential readers, leaving the genuinely engaging stories far off the radar.

This is really unfair, in my opinion. I need to read good books but I don’t see the public showing me the good ones. Please, prove me wrong. :frowning:

It is definitely harder to get reads now. I went on hiatus in 2017 and came back in Feb this year, and the difference is astounding.

Part of it might be because paid stories are being pushed so hard, but I think it’s also simply the over saturation of stories on the site in conjunction with the changes to rankings, transition to tags from genres, the changes to the featuring system, etc.


I’ve been around since 2013 and agree with everything that you’ve just said.

It’s a great platform still. But the changes have made it that much harder.


Yeah, I joined the site in 2012/2013 myself, but the difference between 2013 - 2017 wasn’t as drastic as the difference between 2017-2020 imo.

Maybe it’s because of the increase in number of books in WP, their is probably a book being published right now as we speak.

Just did a google search and it shows that their are about 400 million story uploads.

And their are only like 80 million users.

So this will gravely affect the number of people reading the book.

I wouldn’t say that, Paid only has like 200 books ( i think correct me if I am wrong ), that’s nothing compared to the other stories on WP, that are free.

There are many stories on here, which are wonderfully written and not part of the Paid program, just look through forums and you will find many.

Though WP does promote Paid, but at the same time, it also promotes the Editor’s picks, Ambassord 's picks etc.

Most readers on here, won’t read Paid stories though, while the largest demographic isn’t teens but teens do make up a huge proportion of them and they don’t want to pay to read books.

You are looking at the first page that comes up when you search Teen Fiction or Paranormal. Due to the huge over-saturation of books on WP, chances are the good written books are either on the top, or if it’s not, then going to take a lot of time to reach till their.

Also depends on the genre, age demographic etc,

My teen fiction story, which also had enemies to lovers trope, hit 100k in a year, the same with my second book, while it was a little bit crack, the story was set in college.

Then came my short story…

But my fourth book is a teen fiction, and it doesn’t have much interaction either, so you also need to play around with the tropes a bit.

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Oh gosh yeah, the changes the past few years have been huge!


I believe it’s actually higher than that now; I remember an Ambassador quoting a much higher number on a recent thread.

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Yes, I also saw 875 million, I didn’t know if that was true so I sticked with the lower one.

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I think the number I saw was around 500-600 million. Guess we’ll never know :joy:

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100k a good number of reads! Congratulations. Did you publish it after 2018? I’ve long been of the opinion that the stories published before the change in the interface, 2018-19 I suppose, have already been on the radar, so not only do they have good amount of reads already but the readers who have followed the authors naturally get notified with newer uploads too, so the reads keep on increasing like they should. That’s what I’ve seen in most of the highest reads in the paranormal section; the stories they’ve uploaded date back to a mere three or four days but the publishing year is before the alteration of the interface.

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Oh wow…

I think wattpad needs to come up with an interface that displays the rising stories more easily. Perhaps, broadening the front page like it used to be? Sorting stories according to the rate of views and likes instead of the numbers? What do you think?

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They used to have search options that facilitated this, but they’ve since disappeared from the platform. The home page on the app (and supposedly the website, but it doesn’t work properly on my iPad) features curated lists with “undiscovered gems” “rising stories” etc., but you have to scroll until you find those headings.

Keep in mind, the stories you get in recommendations are based on what you browse. So if you only browse stories with millions/hundreds of thousands of reads, you’re probably more likely to be recommended stories with similar view counts. Although I have noticed that you can’t see story stats on the homepage lists anymore - just a random tag from the book.

I believe this is technically what ranks are for? (But the ranking system is broken and has been for a long time.)

Homepage lists like “talk of the town” should still function on this basis.

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No, I believe it was October or September 2018. But my second book, was published in the start of 2019 and it still has reasonable reads.

I think it’s because, the readers of my first book, at least some of them, migrated onto my second book.

Whereas, they may not like my third book, cause I tried a few new things, a different writing style etc.

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Yes, same is for the “Trending” section. Do you have any idea how often it changes? I can’t seem to find any new story popping up. The entire homepage makes it difficult to browse the rising ones.


As a new watpadder this just feels like I boarded a sinking ship.


In theory, it’s supposed to change whenever you refresh the page but it does tend to cycle through some of the same books. I don’t use the homepage for browsing often enough to be able to say it changes dramatically over a specific period of time.

Most of the books I add to my reading list are ones I’ve found through the forums.

Wattpad is still the largest platform by far. You just have a lot more competition and different mechanics to deal with than we did back then. 2013-2017 was a more simple time, lol.

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Aight, hopefully I can make something of myself.


Good luck! :smiley: