Wattpad needs an "authors note" option.



For some poems I write I jut need to give some context otherwise they might be wildly misinterpreted.
Unfortunately on wattpad I have to either add it as a comment on my own poem (which I don’t like doing unless I’m replying to someone)
or post it along with the poem which seems a bit clunky


I end all of my chapters with a banner. If I have something to say, I’ll add it below the banner.
Might be an idea you can use. :blush:


I totally agree. I could see this being useful to post about your update schedule, chapter-specific content warnings, or even the general direction of the story.


I personally think that wattpad should have a “like comment” option


I wish they had like a sidebar or a popup at the start of the chapter where you could write a message like author’s note


I think you should just let people misinterpret it. I’m from the school of literary criticism that believes author intentions don’t matter and if a reader finds meaning in a work, then it’s there wheather the author intended it or not.

So that’s my feeling. Don’t tell people how to interpret your poems, just let them project their own worldview Ed and values into it and interpret it however.

Or if you’re really unhappy with the reactions and can’t get around it, rewrite the poems.


I would love an option to have a formal area for author’s notes. Something that you could click on to read the whole thing and then click out of to read the story. That would be awesome!


This. I just want an option to make… you know, like an announcement, but attached to the post notification for your chapter? That, kind of?

Because I’m tired of people I follow posting 24/7 about their updates when I don’t read their stuff. Like… for a lot of people, there’s only so much overlap between your followers and your readers.

I want to communicate sometimes, but I don’t want to interrupt the writing either, you know?


well It’s not that I mind people interpreting my poems their own way, but I also what them to know what it means to me.

  • Last time someone misinterpreted my poem the guy got scarred for my mental health 'XD


hopping in to say: i totally agree with this!

a few people have said they don’t “get” my poems, and that’s okay. other’s identify with little parts or the whole thing, and i’m fine with all outcomes!

for my author notes, i put a line break with a “—” in it as a seperator, then all my author note content underneath it in bold. i don’t find it looks too messy! :blush:

good luck with your work, OP!


Same here. AO3 has that option, and it’s pretty neat.


Just my humble opinion but if it’s possible to misinterpret your writing maybe you’re not saying it clearly enough.




Yes especially the individual chapter notes and a beginning/end option. I would love to see that here


Just my humble opinion but if it’s possible to misinterpret your writing maybe you’re not saying it clearly enough.

Tell that to Jonathan Swift.

Some people just don’t think critically. People who do often enjoy subtlety.


@MariaJoWrites how to add a banner?


You just add an image – in this case, the banner/image you have created and want to use.


I do think having an actual designated section for author’s notes would be a good idea. For now, I just add my notes at the end of each chapter separated with a row of a few asterisks, then I blog about each chapter on my author-blog and do cross-linking. But it would look more “clean” if there was a designated section.


Same. I usually write everything in bold so that my readers can know that it isn’t part of the story. A designated spot would be so nice.


I am on board for this idea!