Wattpad needs to catch up...Not tryna be rude


Not trying to be rude…but Wattpad is a little behind.

  • No recovery system
    I lost my stories a couple weeks ago, I astonished to find out that Wattpad has no recovery system. Wattpad has writers they should find a way to insure their writers.
  • Low-tech
    I use Wattpad and Google for all of my messaging. I would like it to be as fun as messenger, send photos, send emojis, invite to join story drafts, maybe even more of a fun layout script for the inbox section.
    I love how on webtoons they have a calendar to show what episodes are coming out, maybe something where if we follow stories or people, it will show what days they are coming out.
    I think even showing what chapters by pictures…
    Something like this, it would atract a reader if they saw the picture, and a short summary of what happens in this chapter/episode. I know its alot of work but, I love going the extra mile.
  • Little- to no personalization
    Wattpad rarely recommends stories I would like, I always see PAID STORIES, TOP STORIES. I think this is unnecessary if I don’t have wattcoins.
    The profiles could use a better layout as well, something to attract readers, bright colors, photos something more than a bio and a profile photo.
  • We need a dark them for wattpad website
    I have sensitive eyes, and i’m a vampire and always use the dark/night mode.
    If this is in the wrong section could you move it for me!

I personally think this is a recent issue.

There was actually a thread from HQ asking for feedback about inbox. I’ll try to search it up and link it. You’ll find it more useful to write your feedback there.

I’m sorry but… I have a problem getting your point. There are reading lists and works and stuff, a lot of space to see pics… Do you mean something else?


I love the stuff that twitter has for a profile, I just want something very different and like that
And you can’t put photos or videos in your bio, I would love to do that


Like customizing colours and stuff? I think I saw someone suggest that a few years ago and Wattpad said they were locating their resources in specefic places. :confused: I expect they forgot at this point, lol.


I agree with this one, it would be great to have this. Not only for stories we are writing, but I would also like one for the reading lists (lost one a while ago and I miss these stories…).


You can (and should) send a ticket if your stories go missing. If it was due to a glitch and they haven’t returned on their own, they’ll be restored. If it was banned or copyrighted material, however, it should’ve never been uploaded to the page in the first place.

In general I think every writer will tell you to back up your work! Always! You should keep several copies of your work in different places because glitches happen, computers can break and work might get lost otherwise.


I did back up my work, i just think it would be convinient if wattpad could do it


I’m not saying it’s a bad idea. I just worry about people, who might back up their porn stories and recover them as soon as they’ve been removed. It’s difficult enough sometimes with people being stubborn and reuploading stuff that’s been removed before, a feature like that would make it easier for them.


I think wattpad is smarter than that


I wish Wattpad was more like webtoons.

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Yet your thread title hints otherwise :joy:

If they added that option, they’d have to find a way to only let people back up their work, who don’t write banned content, which means content would need to be screened beforehand. Which seems like a good way to prevent banned content from being uploaded in the first place but I don’t think it could be pulled off effectively.

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I think wattpad would permenatly deleted that type of content


In which regard? One thing that I don’t like about webtoon, is that it doesn’t synchronise what I read across devices. I switch between my phone and my tablet and if I don’t vote on an episode I never know where I left off. So I wish in that regard webtoon was more like Wattpad.

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Like how OP said. And how the layout looks so sleek and professional.


This is brilliant idea, but perhaps a bit not applicable for Wattpad.

Some stories are literally updated at random, so even the author themselves wouldn’t know. This idea of calendar might be better for Paid Stories, because hey, people paid and people should get the priviledge to enjoy constant chapters.

What I think Wattpad could have, though, is a Schedule features. For example,author can pre-write and pre-upload 3 chapters, but with the current system, they’ve to physically log into WP to post their story, which is very inconvient if they’re busy. What I want is a timing system, where I can select the date and the time I want the chapters to release.


Hm, well, this is kind of true.

Perhaps what WP can do is have a question like “ARE YOU INTERESTED IN PAID STORIES?” If you check No, then that sections is removed from your homepage. If yes or maybe, then they will appear.

Meanwhile, the TOP STORIES section is kind of a requirement. They want to advertise books, and I don’t see issues with it. They could have the “Not Interested. Don’t Show This Again.” option so that the feed is more personalized.

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Definitely agree on the layout and the general design! I like how Webtoon has banners for certain webtoons that update based on their updating days.
I’d love to see something like this on Wattpad for their paid or featured stories.
(Though I can foresee people complaining about only seeing popular stories in that section if they did it)

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I second @red-hairedshinobi on this. I think our current bio layout is wonderful. Minimalistic and essentialistic. Enough spaces and enough images. Plus, there’s only so much you can do with a profile.

Premium member allows you to change profile colour and additional features, so there’s that too.

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While I would love an inbox that could chat in real time without having to refresh the page, I know that’s unlikely. This isn’t really social media in the way Facebook is. Also think sending photos would be a bad idea with the way spam is. We’ve got a lot of ghost profiles with porn links, imagine the amount of dicks and otherwise in our inboxes if we could send photos. Itd be cool, but very abused. Emojis would be nice, and the draft thing you can essentially just do on Google docs.

If those pictures are deleted, it quickly becomes a mess, especially if users go inactive. And many people on this site are incapable of editing photos and don’t understand pixels and there would be a lot of stretched and pixelated and cut off photos. And it can be abused as well, and some 13 year old is going to eventually see some porn outside of a book.

How quickly can we make wattpad look like a badly decorated MySpace page? People would put fifty photos in and slow down site for those with low connection


I don’t know what you mean did you see the screen shot, i’m saying that chapters can have photos they can be identified by these photos