Wattpad Needs to Put A Lid On This Stuff--LIKE NOW.



Any chance that this site is ever going to clean up itself so that people like me don’t have to click on our Wattpad pages and the first list of recommendations is for nothing but a haven for Naughty Daddy Kink stories?

Not my cup of tea, people. My tastes in reading is more refined and mature than that.

I’m truly, 100% not into reading fantasy sex stories written by hormonal 14 year old girls. This site may be catering to 14 year olds, but there are still some of us adults who do not appreciate being exposed to this kind of material.

Fix it or filter it!



I’m joining this plea.
Literally the first thing I see upon opening Wattpad is a 1D fanfiction.


Maybe they should put an option where you can eliminate all the tags you don’t want to see. So for example, you eliminate fanfiction and you never see a story like that again unless you search for it. I’ve never had this problem but it sounds annoying.


I’m like one of two things:

  • Full body shiver in progress.

  • Needing a liberal amount of industrial strength brain bleach.


:joy: sounds painful.


To my knowledge, stories like those can be reported.


I want a tag blacklist!!! Or at least a “don’t show me this story again” button lol

@PatriciaElliott8 They can be reported if they violate guidelines like the ban on erotica without plot and stories promoting some topics (if that applies here; I know some stories like these rely on poor content mods to decide which side of a blurry line they fall on)


Correct :slight_smile:

This would be incorrect :wink: Wattpad Trust & Safety judges stories to decide if they are rated everyone, mature, or if they are banned.
(I lead the content ambassadors, so this would be my area of expertise if you will :heart: )


Well you guys suck at keeping tabs on your cosmic garbage. But that’s the first line of recommended stories titled “Naughty Daddy Kink”. (You can even do a search for these things and they will pop up like rabbits.)

As much grief people give me for my healthy teen sex stories, I never see any kind of action being meted out by this site for stories that clearly violate the site’s TOS guidelines.

This is like EVERY DAY of the week. And I don’t give a damn how popular these stories are! How many millions of reads or votes they get! This stuff shouldn’t be even topping my Read List for Wattpad.

And don’t get me started on the popular stereotyped “lesbian/hot gay boy meets hot gay cell mate” stories either.

I’m 45 years old practically. Why should I have to suffer because of this stuff?


I do hope you realise that there are a lot of stories on wattpad with new ones being added continuously.
When you come across banned content, do you report them? If not, please do! We need the community to help ensure wattpad stays a friendly and welcoming environment–which includes that the content follows the content guidelines too.
If people see banned content and they don’t report but only complain… That’s not helping.
Please help us help the community and report any banned content you come across :heart:
And if you don’t want to “bother” wattpad, then please do feel free to bother me. Just PM me on wattpad and I will ensure it gets reviewed :slight_smile:


Oh, cool! I thought content mods were the ones who decided if books needed to be taken down. Whoops!


Content ambs are like little scouts :slight_smile: They go around looking for content that might be listed under the wrong language, fanfics that aren’t noted as such, and they also look out for banned content (this includes copyright infringement too). They then flag this up the chain so it gets dealt with accordingly :heart: That way, they help keep wattpad safe, and ensure content is found by the right readers (like a French story is not going to be found by French readers if it’s listed as being an English story).
I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Oh, cool! It definitely does :smile:

Are the Trust and Safety judges part of HQ?


Trust and Safety are Wattpad staff and form part of the Community Wellness team


OH NO. I thought I was especially put off by it bc I’m new? I see the cover and the title and cringe for 3 days and a half. It’s really disheartening to see your work get lost in swarms of badly written sex stories :weary: This was one of the reasons I stayed the HECK away from WP for so long even though I’ve been looking all over for a platform to share my writing


Cool, thank you! Lol I wasn’t exactly sure how the Wattpad hierarchy works


Yeah, there are a lot of really popular Romance and Teen Fic books on here, and it can seem like they dominate the site sometimes, but there are really great WP official and user-run communities dedicated to other genres and to undiscovered authors! What kind of stuff do you read/write?


I’ve been trying to find a mature romance. I don’t mean sex (bonus, I’m ace and repulsed by it) but I want to read two adults handling life and love through a good story, you know?
(shoutout to my eloquence, and I have the audacity to call myself a writer)
To be honest, my current project is an attempt to pull the above off lol.


That’s why I stopped reading here awhile back. Nothing turns me off then having to have my Recommended List full of Daddy Spank Me stories or something that we all know shouldn’t be there (hint, hint?), but Wattpad seems to turn a blind eye to it–especially if it has like 800,000 reads, 36,000 votes, and no one is bothered by it. Not the content mods. Not the site mods. Nobody.

And I’ve reported my share of stories in the past. But the site message seems to be: “Thank you for your attention to the matter, but we find that the story doesn’t violate Wattpad’s TOS.”

(Even though it’s full of my worst possible nightmares written by teenagers who have never gotten past first base in their lives and don’t even know what sex is.)

But my novels? Holy hell! People here have been trying to report me to the police because they claim I’m a child stalker on Wattpad and a pedophile–because of what I’ve written for some of my books in the past.


Can you please stop hating on teenagers? Give us a break, man. Not everyone here is a ‘hormonal 14-year-old’ writing sex fantasies.

Teenage is from 10 to 20, not just stuck at 14