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Sometimes reports work on and off and you can try different option or PM us ambassadors.

Most importantly, check ticket record. Status, notes, screenshots are where you can add and check.

You need web.

  1. Go to ‘Help’

  2. Upper right ‘Sign in’

  3. Click ‘My activity’

Open means it went through but sometimes it could not. Solved means it’s closed and issue done but if issue not done and no staff reply then that’s a problem.


There’s usually a picture of a guy with abs or a scantily dressed girl as a profile pic or a header. I haven’t actually messaged any of them but I assume it’s the latter and not the former. But since I’m not sure I don’t want to report anyone.


If dressed it’s ok, nudes like showing nips or ‘bottom’ are no no. You can PM me if unsure and you don’t need to message users. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m still very confused about what is considered ban-worthy content on this site. The guidelines are very subjective, but even when viewing some of the more erotic stories through the lens of those guidelines, I can’t tell whether or not those stories are allowed or if they simply haven’t been reported. Because of the sheer amount, I can only guess that it’s allowed. This makes me very nervous about the safety of my own story on this site because it deals with some very heavy, dark themes, including sexual assault and abuse. I’ve specifically avoided including graphic depictions of sex, but sexual horror is a big part of the structure since it deals with a very realistic depiction of the horror of sexual abuse. It’s not meant to titillate or excite, it’s meant to depict a horrible reality that so many experience. That my story can be suddenly and irrevocably removed according to the tastes and preferences of a moderator acting within guidelines so abstractly undefined is not encouraging for me to continue posting on this site. Not every story that includes sex is going to be a fluffy romantic romp or a fetish frenzy, and the ambiguous guidelines for what is and is not too much erotic content seems to leave out the nuance and reality of that.


If your assault and abuse are something negative and detailed then mature is the right place. It’s not just seen through one chapter, it’s by looking at the whole plot that decides what it is.

As for erotica, it’s more of take out the sex part and what kind of story concept is it mainly? If it’s just sex and sex then it wouldn’t as erotica but porn. If there’s a story that’s, let’s say about a woman who is with a man that turns out he’s running away from his mafia group + some steamy sex (not few but more), then that’s mature (of course erotica is always mature)


Oh man, you have to tell me where that gif is from :rofl::rofl:


I forgot what I googled but try ‘don’t bother me gif’ and go to google images. It should be there. I also didn’t know where this scene came from but google said Doofy from Scary movie (which I never watched lol)


If something like that happens again, you could try dropping it by a Content Amb e.g. me or @Angelic_Vamp for example.

[Edit: seems like another amb already noted this, but yeah]


Nope. I’m underage-under 18-and signed up with my real age. I still get that stuff.


I know-it’s quite irritating.


Ah, that makes sense.


You’re probably right.


WOW. I would be livid if this happened to me.


I have a question about what wattpad qualifies as fanfiction. I’m really not into fanfic and there’s a book going around that I would consider celebrity fanfic that’s being portrayed as an original romance about polygamy. I wouldn’t have agreed to read the book(for a club) if I had known the similarities between this character and the real life celebrity (who I am a huge fan of). I know a lot about this certain celeb and the only thing the author changed is the celeb’s last name. Everything else about the character is nearly identical to the real life person. Am I wrong to consider this celebrity fanfiction? Because once I realized the similarities I couldn’t look past it, especially since the author used the celebrity on the cover of the book. It seemed to me like she ripped off his entire life and inserted him into a fictional romance. IDK why no one else has mentioned this, considering the book has over 12,000 reads. Still bugs the hell out of me. Just wondering what Wattpad’s view on these kind of debates would be.


Also, to the entire thread:
Wattpad is far from perfect but it is one of the few places on the internet like it. Where you will find such a diverse, helpful, engaging community which is largely the point. I’ll take a little bit of the bad and not complain because of all the good I’m getting out of it. What one person finds distasteful and cringe-worthy, another person might fall in love with. I don’t think any one person or group has the right to say what should and shouldn’t be on the site other than the Wattpad people themselves. And if they allow the stories, especially after being reported and finding that they were NOT a violation, then what is the problem? If it’s that annoying, you could always build your own story sharing platform and ban the content you deem unworthy of your eyes. I think it’s odd to say that you want to see MATURE stories and then get picky when you’re shown every story that is tagged MATURE. Don’t click on them. Maybe wattpad needs a broader tag range for mature stories, but I still don’t see the problem. If you have mature stories unchecked then you shouldn’t be seeing them. If you are, report them. What else can really be done besides banning mature stories altogether which is insane to me? Unless they want only people under eighteen on the site.


Yeah, that sounds like a fanfic.
Same first name, same looks, same character traits/personalities… “alternate universe” (au) fics are still fanfics.


I agree so much.


:rofl: I’m sorry, I know I’m forever late on this, but I don’t think there could be a more perfect line for



This has been me since I hit my twenties lmaaaaaaaoooo


20s?! Your brain doesn’t even fully stablaize until early 20s. You’re still a kid yourself. Stop causing trouble!