Wattpad Needs to Put A Lid On This Stuff--LIKE NOW.



I said since… I’m in my mid-twenties now…


I’m unable to fully understand your grievance. I’m new here and have no difficulty in determining what type of material I’m likely to find in a story. If you don’t wish to read about fourteen year olds, don’t read the story - Simple


Many people will report a story because it’s pointing south on their moral compass.

While many plots go against our belief system, the beauty of this site is that writers can share their stories, even ones that don’t follow the moral code of our environment while only having to follow a few simple rules.

In many cultures, marriage isn’t about love. You are arranged to marry someone and emotions have nothing to do with it. In other cultures, reading fiction in general is frowned upon and is seen as a waste of time. You have no idea how many readers I’ve had who barely read any novels before finding this site.

The point is, this site is an outlet for expression where many of us don’t feel comfortable sharing our stories in real life. It’s where we can go and actually can find others who enjoy the same guilty pleasures or lesser accepted tropes.

As long as they are abiding by the rules of the site, they should not fear persecution from other members. They should feel safe and accepted by their peers. Do we have to be okay with their plots of choice? No. But we also don’t need to ridicule them or make them feel like they are less than the rest of us.

If a member wants to act out their fantasies in a book that they don’t experience in real life, so be it. As long as they are following the rules of the site, that’s up to them. If they are clearly breaking the rules and are told as such, yet ignore them and throw fits about it, that’s a whole other story.


That used to be the point but it isn’t any more. It always helps to actually read the guidelines, which most people don’t. Explicit sex scenes ‘may’ be rated Mature, the guidelines say. They don’t have to be. It has changed. Later on it lists certain sex acts that are forbidden, and alludes to some that are not stated.

One really has to read them monthly nowadays at the rate they keep changing them. It’s only three clicks to the guidelines but most peeps dare not tread there.


uh that’s far from the point, it’s not that these stories are about 14 year olds, i’m 14, it’s just that many kids on here write these disgusting and cringy stories people no longer want in their recommendations. they always show up for me as well at times, it’s not a pleasant sight. but go off ig


I agree. I’m not saying anything about the material or the people who wrote it as…each to their own, but I’m really not into the fanfiction, hormonal vampire werewolves or any of the hyperyouth genre.

Dear Wattpad Gods, why can you not have filters so that the user could choose to never see certain tags?

Like I said, no shade! And people can write whatever they like, that’s legal, i just wish I didn’t have to see it :wink:


I’ve said it like ten times before and I’ll say it again: we need a tag blacklist!