Wattpad Needs to Put A Lid On This Stuff--LIKE NOW.



Okay, I’ll make you a deal: When teenagers here stop writing shitty fiction that debases everyone’s humanity and thinks that crudely written sex stories is more popular than actually writing the story itself, then I’ll stop complaining and we can all go home happy…K?


Okay, alright. Here, have me! I usually write stories with no romance, and I will never, ever, write sex. Please stop putting us all in one box and attacking us.


you’re definitely right but is it morally okay for me to be laughing at this?

Also thanks for fighting for us,

I’m too old to get into arguments with the kids


But I’m not attacking you. I’m addressing the 50 million of you who do write these types of stories.

Big difference.


You’ll find that you can hold reasonable conversations with us if you treat us as equals :slight_smile:


… he made it clear whom he was targeting, friend. you’re not included…


I am a teenager here - as you can see, as I am here right now


I know you’re a teenager because if you weren’t, you wouldn’t be here looking for trouble.


ok, let’s keep away from the generalisations please


Good luck with your writing! I might want to read it; I’m ace too and while I’m not repulsed by sex sometimes it feels really unnecessary to me, like the characters have sex because they’re supposed to rather than because it makes sense


I’m not a teenager but I’m always looking for trouble :smiling_imp: lol no not really


That said, I fully agree there should be a way to avoid all the smut, as I do not like to have it thrown in my face either. People are already proposing the block button for certain stories, so there’s that.


To your original point, the majority of recommendations on the home page tend to be based on a users recent reading behaviours. But, if that’s not the case, if you can get a screenshot of anything like this and post it here than we can pass that on to the team at HQ for their inspection. Thanks


Suggestion: tag blacklist!!!

I desire a tag blacklist so badly


There’s already a thread dedicated to the recommendations (by Nick, I believe) and how practically everyone agrees it’s messed up


Yes. Yes, please
Blacklists # romance


Oh, you’d be more than welcome to :’

Me too. I actually use “I’m just looking for trouble” irl, but I’m trying to be a good girl here since I’m new and I need to be on my best behavior


There’s always room for improvement on things. The more useful feedback we get from the Community, like Nick’s thread, then the more we can look at improving things


For anyone looking for that thread:


I’m really happy we have the feedback section here; it’s great that you guys are listening to us!!!


Second that ^