Wattpad Needs to Put A Lid On This Stuff--LIKE NOW.



It can be a challenge to decide, although some are definitely straight forward heavy erotica.


WP does actually allow for book to have sex in it, unless it’s tagged mature or it’s still intergrated with the storyline and isn’t just pure smut. I mean, “Chasing Red” is still on here among other stories too


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Please focus on yourself and stop criticizing on others. You said you have free time to write now than before. If you don’t write then what is your goal? Focus Scyuler, focus. :clap:


Never read that book. Does it have a lot of sex in?


I think he focuses too much on himself, as well as criticizing others too much… You can also focus on others without criticizing them


The problem with addressing the “Millions of 14 year old girls writing smut” on this board is that none of them are here. Typically, they don’t go to the forums if ever, and they certainly aren’t in THIS thread supporting having their works black listed.

So, when you generalize teenagers in a space where the teenagers you are referring too aren’t even there, it comes across as really condescending. I get the intent, but like, maybe tone it down? I’m all for supporting a blackout button that says “do not show me this again”. 100%. But I also don’t feel the need to hate on them for writing what they are unless it’s glorifying rape or glorifying pedophile and is essentially just kiddie porn and torture porn. Even then, report the story, maybe mention what you think is wrong to the author, but teens are growing and learning. I have a lot more grace for them then I do for adults writing kiddie and torture porn. Mostly, I don’t think it’s actually the 14 year old teenagers writing that stuff as much as we think it is. Sure some of them may write books filled with a lot of sex, but typically I don’t think they’re the ones writing what I consider the criminal and dangerous smut.


As an adult, gonna put my two cents in-
I believe that age has nothing to do with maturity. If we really call ourselves as adults, we should behave that way. Adulthood is all about grace, kindness and poise. As mature adults, we have a great opportunity to inspire the next generation. As the lines between the generation gap blur, we can be a best friend to them. We can make a difference in their lives.

As for being exposed to stories that aren’t to our liking, my suggestion is to ignore them. Just because they are being recommended doesn’t mean that you have to read them. No one is forcing you to read. It’s your decision to read or not to read.



Being kind to new authors and giving constructive feedback rather than undirected hate will lead to better stories, better authors, and happier Wattpadders all around.


I agree. The Church Lady attitude of some readers is absurd. Writers are allowed to write whatever they want on Wattpad as long as it adheres to the guidelines. Just because someone thinks a book may be against the guidelines doesn’t mean it is. The site cannot possibly appease the morals of 40 million users. It has its means of dealing with books that breach the guidelines and, like any other company today, can only do the best it can. No one polices their work perfectly anymore. It’s not possible in such volumes.

An adult who gets upset by just seeing a sexy book he/she THINKS a teenager wrote just plain needs to grow up. You see similar books every day at the grocery store and the library and the book stores. No one bans books anymore and anyone can buy them.


There’s like, 2 sex scenes in it. One is for a whole chapter later on in the book and then there’s one implied one as far as I can remember.


Anytime I see threads like this I wonder if people know you can filter your searches.

Unclick “Include mature” Viola it’s all gone.

Also, actively clicking books you don’t want to read will make the site recommend you similar books. It’s a machine, it can’t tell if you actually wanted to read the book or not. So simply avoid the books.


I do think a blackout button wouldn’t hurt though, it would just let your individual account not get shown a book anymore. The filters are good, but some stuff doesn’t get filtered out if it still technically hits what you’re searching.

I do get the whole “Don’t like it, don’t read it” and I’m all for not over policing what people, especially teens write until it gets criminal. But some stuff can be more triggering to some than others, even if it’s technically not mature. Certain thriller/horror cover art and suggestive romance art, while still appropriate enough to display on wattpad can really suck the life out of someone with a history of certain abuses.

I’ve been on Wattpad a long time, so I find in general that I’ve gotten to the point I don’t get as much smut recommendations as I used to, but in the beginning it was insane. I ignored it, and it was fine for me, but I can see how people I know with more heartache in their past would appreciate muting something from the get go. I see it as more of a courtesy feature for people. It might be a very difficult thing to code though.


I do understand this. There used to be a ‘dismiss’ button but I haven’t been able to find it for about a year or two now.

It would be nice to kind of mark off books as ‘don’t recommend me this again.’

There’s a more complex way to filter out your search which would include you manually adding -(tag) to your search.

This, my recommendations are good for me. The only thing I have a grip with it for is that it gets ‘frozen’ a lot. If I haven’t pressed a book in one week of it being recommended I’d think that’s enough of a time limit to swap it out for another, but some are there for weeks on end.

What you said also points out to the fact that the more you read on the site, the more refined your recommendations are. Most people with ‘broken’ recommendations simply don’t read that much and get the ‘default’ recommendations.


People have gotten sneaky on this one. They actually tag their book something like -romance so if some uses -romance in their search it stills pops up :sob: WOnder if there would be a way for wattpad to block people from using those kind of tags on their books.


I found this from the AfterDarkCommunity but apparently back then WP used to hide mature reads/erotica tags and stuff like that(?)

In case you’re curious, check this out (keep in mind the story was posted back in 2016 and was last updated in 2016 : https://www.wattpad.com/story/64788124-how-wattpad-hides-mature-reads-and-what-to-do


Yes it’s only been this year when they went to the tag system that mature was allowed to rank. They unfortunately should’ve had a mature filter in place (imho) on the hot list before allowing them to rank because there are a lot of people who don’t want to see mature books. I’ve always been for letting them rank, but I really thought we’d be able to filter them out if/when it happened like you can when searching.


That’s true. Erotica and Smut can be easily found. Man, I found some WP story that is literally titled “Smut Based On Real People In My Life” or something like that and it just made me feel disgusted. They even put in their info for NO ONE to read it, in all caps too.


I always knew there was a ton of smut on this site but didnt realize just how much until the fantasy list became dominated with it after the switch to the tag system. I have seen way too many half naked chicks in hand cuffs for my liking. And then theres a book where right in the blurb it talks about licking nipples. So I’m definitely looking forward to being able to filter them out on the hot list.

Let them rank, but let me not have to see it if I choose not to.


They do need to fix the hot rankings. There’s a BIG difference between fantasy and sexual fantasy. Sexual fantasies do NOT belong onto that list. I was going to say the Genres should be fixed too, but that’s another problem.


If the user is underage would the mature material be hidden from them is my question. I am of age so I don’t wouldn’t know the answer but I would be concern if erotica was suggested to those under the age