Wattpad Needs to Put A Lid On This Stuff--LIKE NOW.



If you signed up to wattpad with your real age it should be hidden.


That’s good to know then


The amount of “underage” users I’ve seen read any of the mature books is quite shocking.

Like, yeah, if the book is for 17+ it’s meant for that demographic. I can immediately tell it’s a young user too when there’s a sex scene and they act immature/grossed out about it when it’s not meant for them to read.


This has been my biggest sore point since they moved to the tag system. Both fantasy and Non-fiction got hit the hardest by this change.


I’ve seen that too. It sucks. WP seriously needs to fix this


Would be nice but not sure they can unless they create a rule that sexual fantasies must be tagged sexualfantasy and not just fantasy. So we just have to wait until the filters are live for everyone.




Are some of the non-fiction even be CONSIDERED non-fiction? Literally, one of them is for Blackpink Memes on that list! If anything, it belongs in the Random section that non-fiction


Also, I’ve seen some Fanfiction in the fantasy listing too.


Unfortunately with the tag system fan fiction can now be fantasy. Same with werewolf.

As for the Blackpink Memes… I don’t really know what black pink is LOL but you can always ask a content mod like @Angelic_Vamp to look at it and see if it’s reportable or not.


Blackpink is a Kpop (Korean Pop) female group. But yeah, I’ll make sure to look into that.

I do miss the old days of WP though, back when they had these main genres: Action, Adventure, Chicklit, Humor, Romance, Teen Fiction, Random, Spiritual, Vampire, Werewolf, Fanfiction, etc.

Some of the new genres they added though are good (Urban, Newadult, Diverse Lit). I remember complaining about why they added in the “Billionaire” and “Creepypasta” genres, but now it makes sense as to why they did that, so that way said stories can be part of that genre.


There are aspects of the tag system I like (such as being able to rank in Dark fantasy and other sub genres) but the cross pollination of things and erotica is where I have issue.


:rofl: Jokes aside, yeah, you can contact me or hit me with that ddu-du ddu-du :sunglasses: :metal: (I just had to #sorrynotsorry)


I can’t with the Blackpink pun XD

I love them all so much, they queens


I can say amen to that. Enough with the erotica.


18 to 20 is when kids get skme sense


Sorry, couldn’t resist



Really bless you :heart: :heart_eyes:


That’s how they get more readers. As a writer of erotica I don’t believe in ‘smut’ because I believe sex is a good thing, not bad or dirty. But most of the rowdier stuff the OP is complaining about is not written by kids. A great deal of it is lifted right off erotica sites like Literotica, Nifty Archives, and many others, and posted onto Wattpad. It’s stolen. Some of the users who do this even give credit to the original author and the site it’s from. Others don’t and pretend they wrote it. There are some books with 20-30 chapters, all lifted from other erotica sites. You can tell by the quality of writing that it’s not a 14 year-old writing it. And you also remember the stories you already read on other sites.

There are thousands and thousands of books on Watty that shouldn’t be here, like all the role-playing sites with their books, usually sexual role-playing games done in the PMs according to the rules listed in the books (type of character, clothes, places, acts to perform).

I’d imagine there’s a way to write code that would flag all these things supposedly not wanted and just kick them off, or at least bring them to someone’s attention. But maybe not? I write books, not code. In the meantime, it looks like we’re stuck with all kinds of stuff that all kinds of users don’t like.


I’d like to say I have sense now and have had sense for a few years