Wattpad Needs to Put A Lid On This Stuff--LIKE NOW.



Lol yes. First things I see are usually some step Daddy kink, a possessive unhealthy romanticised kink, or something way opposite of anything I’ve ever looked up or even considered reading. Gross.


Doesn’t WP not allow any smut RP on here? I remember hearing about some role playing books getting deleted due to this issue.


Sexual content in role plays are not allowed. This is explicitly stated in Wattpad’s content guidelines: https://support.wattpad.com/hc/en-us/articles/200774334-Content-Guidelines

Sexual Roleplay or Messaging - Wattpad does not permit sexual messages or solicitation. This includes posting content which encourages sexual private messages, on or off Wattpad, or posting rules for public or private roleplay that are intended for sexual purposes.


Thanks for telling me. I don’t do that stuff, but the fact that people do it in the first place is just downright uncomfortable and disgusting.


I even recall reading this Rant book and stuff where some user on WP apparently made a smut with Finn Wolfhard of Stranger Things in it. So yeah, in other words, I NEED TO START REPORTING ABOUT THE UNDERAGE SMUT TOO.


They’s say “if it works, don’t fix it”. And for Watpad, this seems to work just fine -.-
That kind of stories aren’t my thing either, but you’re a chihuaua barking to the alpha wolf here. I just shrug and ignore that kind of teen hormonal fiction.
You know what they say: “if you don’t mind them, they’ll disappear by themselves”.


Thank you. I needed this exact thread!


Roleplaying is definitely against the guidelines. But like everything else that breaches the guidelines, there are tons of it. Other forbidden erotic topics recently discussed on other threads are incest, teacher-student, and any kind of sex act that results in bodily harm, because they are against Canadian law. In Canada you cannot legally consent to a sex act that will result in bodily harm. So that would eliminate half the books with sex scenes if all those books were kicked off. But most users who have reported books get discouraged about doing it when they get emails from HQ in return saying the book was found to be OK because Wattpad does not want to censor the author’s opinion. Why aren’t more books reported? Because so many that are, are not removed. What they are actively removing now are media pics, especially action gifs that are too sexy. Lots of chat about that.


It depends on context of the plot though. It’s not just WP going around ‘hey, it’s ok’. It’s based on what the writer writes that defines it.

You see a pedo book, HQ removes it.

You see glorification of rape, HQ removes it.

Even self-harm has rules that aren’t just left HQ going ‘hey, it’s alright’.

Media also has ok, banned, and gray area that you can report too.

And yes, smut RP (whether PM or not) and sexting are definitely banned but normal RPs and just a kiss or time skip (meaning imply they had sex or basic time skip) are allowed.


Yes. One small step for man, one giant leap for Schuylerpad.


Fodder I’m putting you on a leash.

I mean he has got a point but I definitely think he needs to stop acting like he’s above everyone else, lmao. A filter system would be nice.


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Yes Sean be a good boy.




Just ignore him at this point. He’s not really worth it. I know he annoys you but. . . eh.

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Opps! So sorry!


I thought that’s what Wattpad After Dark was for, but for some reason they recommend these type of stories in abundance as if there is not a designated place for them to go.


I think the underage smut is more concerning… I have seen way too many stories like that about the IT Cast.


I know. This is craziness, pure and simple. I don’t even read these things and they’re showing up in my suggestions. Do I really want to see the shirtless guys and underdressed girls on the covers? No. No I do not.