Wattpad Needs to Put A Lid On This Stuff--LIKE NOW.



I also know someone who has experienced this with a chapter of a book that she and several others judged to be promoting non-consensual sex acts between minors in a book that was targeted at a young audience who might easily be persuaded. They all read the official Wattpad guidelines before reporting it and they all thought it was in violation, but as far as I’m aware Wattpad didn’t end up taking any action.

If there’s some other system for determining what crosses the line and what doesn’t, perhaps at least it could be shared somewhere? Like including a link to articles with further information when reading the official content guidelines? Because if people really don’t understand why the thing they reported was deemed to be ok, they really will start to think that Wattpad might allow anything.


I’d also like to stop seeing nothing but million reads book. They are all the same titles being thrown at me. NO WONDER they have millions of reads. Those are the only ones they publicly promote while use little writers get one measly post a week in the “share you story thread” that no one really even reads. They go their to post their book and bounce.


OR people can just grow the hell up and not read/report a book that isn’t interesting to them. haha I can see this starting a fire of petty reports on everyones stories.


Reporting is necessary when the book doesn’t adhere to Wattpad guidelines. You don’t have to read it, but it’s the community’s responsibility to report it.


Agree with you :slight_smile: It’s our responsibility to report when we come across a story violating the Content Guidelines. In case HQ finds the story not violating anything, we can always ask them to explain by what standards did they find the story normal.
Had a similar experience. Had reported a story and it was normal to HQ. Asked them to explain in what aspect did they consider it alright. They replied promptly and I got to learn something new. Was more attentive, thorough and my reports became 100% accurate. I keep revising the Help pages and the Content Guidelines whenever I find some time.


I love your answers and your positivity! Kudos :slight_smile:


If I don’t like something I just don’t read it. If we’re getting technical. Half of the stories on Wattpad are tagged wrong. There are alpha bullsh*t stories labeled as mystery even though they are just teenage love feasts about lame “bay boy” tropes. There are literal DICKS. I found one profile that had nothing but nudes on it. There are mature books marked mature for just fighting scenes when they can not mark it mature.

I guess I’m just not a nark. I wouldn’t want people reporting my stuff so I’m not going to do it to others. haha I’ve read A LOT of books that could be reported. Like I said almost half of the book listed could be reported so I’d be weary of urging people to report.


Have you read the read book IT? It ends with all the boys pulling a train on Bev. Seriously. She allows them each to f**k her down in the sewers, thinking it’s a way for them to stay close. King was apparently one coke when he wrote it. But I still think IT is my all time favorite book, save for that part.


So if you found, let’s say, porn books you don’t want to report because you think that’s wrong and rather leave them? :confused:

I don’t know if that is logical.


They have a right to write whatever smut they want. Who am I to say, “I don’t like this!” they can then turn around and say, “Well I don’t like your books.” and report all of them.


Of course anyone can write smut no one is against smut but depending on context and content guidelines you aren’t allowed for whatever topic you wrote and can report them (or PM ambassador but recommend the 1st option)

(My previous comment to sanmariano but one of these are not something it’s ‘ok’ to leave and not report)


No, even though I know that happens. Probably why I don’t want to read it. But I was talking about the movie cast, which should be separated from the book characters.


Things like nudes should be reported. Things that are tagged wrong? No.

I think that Wattpad is supposed to be a safe place, and if we permit things like rampant homophobia and racism and things and stand by and do nothing about it, then we’re doing more harm than good, but that’s just me :woman_shrugging:


Unless you have violated the Content Guidelines I don’t think that anyone would report your stories.

Agree with @LightenTheShadows that nudes should be reported. Each correct report we send helps in keeping the community safe. It is the responsibility of each one of us to keep Wattpad safe . It’s our duty. Any good we do counts. Even if it is one report per day.


Yeah, like, wrongful tagging is annoying, but it’s not against the guidelines.

Nudes and other stuff are.


There are those of us who have reported all of these and have seen them not taken down. I recently reported a story of incest (against Canadian law) two brothers and a third boy, the pages and paragraph numbers of the sex scenes, and all the other info they require. Then I had to do it all a second time after getting an email requesting it again. Then I got an email from HQ stating they found it OK and they did not want to censor the author’s opinions.

It’s like crying wolf. After a number of times reporting forbidden content and they keep okaying it, you stop believing.


I am against censorship of politics or ideology, (within limits) but I sure don’t mind censorship of sexual content. Let’s delete it! Like, not all of every kind of book with sex, just more of it than we delete now. We aren’t losing much of quality.


This would be correct. So if you look something up, open the blurb, read it and find out it isn’t nice, it brings up similar stories. To get rid of them faster when you find them, you can search and like other books, then resign into your account or app. It’s a shame that so much of that stuff pops up by just looking at one chapter of one. My best friend is the exit button.


Well, a button to blacklist tags would be pretty great, but not all romance are full of this, thankfully.


I believe sex with someone under six or seventeen is mature, and all erotica, along with other themes. I’m not really sure what mature stories need to be banned. I wish more people would use the mature tag for their stories.