Wattpad Needs to Put A Lid On This Stuff--LIKE NOW.



Agreed. We just have to hope that the books are labelled correctly. Many are not, because they want more readers or don’t realize it breaches the guidelines.


That’s a good approach. It’s terrible when simple things may happen to trigger a victim of abuse, hate, etc. And I agree about the new arrival thing. The same thing happened to me until I started reading a variety of books without those scenes.


I strongly dislike romance, in any form or way. No matter if it’s a proper romance without abuse - still don’t like it. Begone, romance!


Lol. Everyone has their preferences. I used to hate even the smallest suggestion of romance.


Maybe there should be a petition type button. Enough votes that it contains bad content and it can be removed until further evaluation.


Are people notified who did it and when their book is notified? Because the getting back at the reporter by reporting an innocent story would kill a new writer.


I don’t support that - too much mob rule.


Just to clarify, explicit sex scenes and erotica are mature, but explicit sex scenes with a character under the age of sixteen is banned. :blush:


Actually you can have explicit sex scenes without the mature rating.


It says “explicit depiction” and I’ve asked before in other threads and basically the answer I’ve gotten is “if it’s explicit, it must be rated Mature” but :woman_shrugging:


Huh… Hm… I don’t even know what “explicit” really means in this case. Like full on descriptions of what is happening, hinting at what is happening while describing the feelings of the characters or…? :joy:

It’d be so nice if the rules were clearer on this.


Agree. I think the guidelines do an okay job right now, but I’d like clearer lines drawn


Like is it explicit if there’s no mention of genitalia? And if there is? Is that a mature rating even if there’s only one sex scene and it’s important to the plot?

I want answers :joy:


Me too!!

I don’t write descriptive sex scenes currently, but if I ever do, I want to make sure I’m not crossing any lines


I do and so far I’ve just slapped a mature rating on all of them. Just to be sure :woman_shrugging: :joy:


I don’t have an official answer here, so keep that in mind :joy:

My understanding is that explicit is mentioning body parts, describing a sensation in detail, and outright stating what is happening.

If you have them kiss, maybe some touching, and then say, “And they made love.” Then that’s not explicit. I think it’s mostly when you talk about private areas getting stimulation for sexual pleasure


I have one mature story and it’s only got the label bc I personally don’t want kids reading it


That seems to not be a sex scene at all - but just a fade to black scene :joy:

Oh, they’ll read it. They just won’t find it in the search options - and since I think we all know the search option is super bad, I doubt a whole lot of people are actually using it.

I think about 20-30% of my readers on all of my mature rated books are in the 13-18 demographic.


Oh. Well, at least they’ll know what they’re in for, and I have a content warning in the start of the book


Haha yeah basically. Explicit, to me, seems to be a full sex scene. As long as private areas aren’t directly mentioned, it seems to be alright :woman_shrugging:t2: