Wattpad Needs to Put A Lid On This Stuff--LIKE NOW.



Yeah, all you can do is put up warnings and then they can decide on their own if they wanna proceed.


True! It’s up to the reader to decide if the book is for them


I wish there just was a check list - or even examples.

Here’s a non-mature sex scene.

Here’s a mature sex scene.

My life would be so much easier.



I want a check list



Also, that would go a long way with the other mature themes too. Are we allowed to write in a suicide scene? What about self-harm? Or is it only allowed to be mentioned?



like, the story I have right now has lots of self-harm in it, and that’s like 90% of the reason it’s rated mature. Even still, I want to make sure I’m not going too far


I have stories with self-harm too and I’m like “Is this allowed though? :thinking:

And I’ll be uploading a story that starts with someone who has just committed suicide. And like… Where’s the line for what’s okay and not okay?


A checklist would be really useful


Check :clap: List :clap:


Okay, so now I want a tag blacklist and a checklist lol


Lists are my jam, so I’m all for it! :muscle:


:goat: :goat: :goat: summon HQ with the proper sacrifice…





If you saw a plotted story and there’s only few sex chapters but it flows with the plot then everyone.

If you have self-harm that’s negative but you go in detail like how the MC use a blade and it’s bloody that could trigger readers (aka explicit) it’s mature.

If you have porn or yada yada stuff that needs holy water then banned.

Horrible grammar (that’s really alien and all askdnfjg0) is not banned though. Just hard time to understand what the heck the plot is :joy:


You get a goat :goat:

So, even if it’s explicit, it’s “Everyone” right? (Because that’s how I’ve understood the rule)


Depends on how many chapters but if few chapters are explicit but it follows the story then yes, everyone. I still haven’t read chasing red but I think that story, even though there’s sex few times, doesn’t mean it’s main focus.

Also I want a cookie not a goat or cow is fine :laughing:

(I got bed right now)


Cookie for you! :cookie:

Also, yeah so I understood the rules right. Wooh :tada:


As a random aside about weird recommendations showing up, I remember when I first signed up for the site and hadn’t searched anything yet, there was already a ‘Based on recent searches’ tab that was filled with… Donald Trump x Shrek fanfiction for some reason. Nothing else - just that very specific subset of weird fanfiction.

It was … bizarre.


Wait… what? :flushed:


This, also, was my reaction.

I think it was maybe a glitch or something? I thought at the time that it was reading my google searches instead (I have my google account connected) because I was looking up a lot of political stuff at the time and maybe weird fanfiction was all wattpad could find tagged with him. But maybe it was just some bot trolling me or some bizarre glitch in the system :joy: I definitely had not looked that up before.

I definitely remember it happening cause I showed it to my friends - just wish I’d taken a screenshot of it for posterity, but alas.