Wattpad Needs to Put A Lid On This Stuff--LIKE NOW.



I’m almost tempted to search for it on Wattpad. Almost, because if I’d do it, I’d look at weeks of having recommended the stuff every time I open the site…


oh my god TRUUUUE

I wanted so badly to click one to show it to one of my friends but was too scared it was gonna think it correctly guessed what I was looking for and never stop recommending it to me :rofl:



i tried to type it into the search bar and the fIrSt AuToCoMpLeTe was ‘DONALD TRUMP X READER’



Well done! Avoid getting sucked into this black hole :rofl:


I get so many anime and manga recommendations and hetalia fanfiction. I don’t even watch anime.

I’ve also noticed a number of profiles that don’t have any books and all their bio is them saying that they’re bored and someone should message them for a fun time. I’m tempted to report them as spam but I’m not sure if that’s the way to approach this.


Depends what the ‘fun time’ is perhaps. If someone’s idea of fun is reading and talking about stories they’ve read then that’s kinda cool. If they’re sexting, or doing sex roleplay or similar then that’s not so cool and should be reported.


I remember I had an account follow me at one point - I checked out their profile and they had no stories or comments, but had followed about 700 people, about five every day, and their bio was in Russian with a link. When I translated it it definitely looked like a link to a porn site, and the rest of the bio was just an ad for the link.

I tried reporting it, as spam I think, but I don’t think anything happened. I don’t know if weird pornbots are against the rules exactly, but it definitely weirded me out.


Pornbots are definitely against the rules. Spam bots in general are too. if you happen to come across it again please try reporting it again. Maybe the first report didn’t go through.


All right - do you know where I can find users I’ve blocked? Because I remember having blocked them so I can’t find them on my followers page anymore.


Go to the settings on your profile account. You’ll see three tabs- Account, Notifications and Ignore List. Click on the Ignore List to find the users that you have blocked.


All right, thanks - re-reported.


Oh crap, now I remember why the last report didn’t go through.

Last time I got an automatic email (had to go looking through my email for it but I found it) right after putting in the report telling me that there was too high traffick of reports and it was “likely my issue had already been addressed” (even though the account was still up and following people) and “as such we will be closing our ticket with you. Not to worry though, if you find that your issue has not yet been resolved, please report the user” (which was what I just did).

This time I got an email (“Regarding your submitted Content Report”) about five minutes after sending in the report basically telling me “this isn’t important enough and we’re not gonna do anything about it, freedom of expression etc., just mute them if it bothers you so much”.

It says they weren’t gonna do anything about it because sometimes things might offend me but not be a violation, “like sharing an opinion on a story, swearing, or even spoiling the plot” (even though that’s not even remotely what I reported them for, and in my report I put it under the spam category and explained why).

I really find it hard to believe that somebody could have manually looked at this in the five minutes after I sent it in enough to determine it wasn’t important and send me that email. Is this just how wattpad responds to all reports?


Did you reply to the email and ask them the reason why they aren’t going to do anything? I believe that an ambassador like Michael @ZonderZorg can help you with this.


PM me on Wattpad giving me the link to the user. As a Senior Ambassador, my reports are given very close attention by HQ.


All right, I’ll do that. Thanks.


That sounds like just the auto reply e-mail saying they got it. I’ve gotten that one before too when I reported accounts but they still usually got removed within a couple business days. Some of their auto replies have always left me with an uneasy feeling so I’m glad you’re passing it on to Zonder as well.


The account has now been closed. Thank you for your assistance.


If I report a story for not being properly noted as fanfiction, will the author be able to tell that I am the one who reported them?


Reports are kept anonymous by the Wattpad HQ to protect the safety of the users. Only HQ would see it, and they would look at it, decide on the appropriate course of action and go from there.


A user won’t be notified they have been reported. All reports go to wattpad and they will read the report and take any action needed (if any) :heart:
(Some reports are not valid, meaning no rules were broken by the person reported. In those cases wattpad wont do anything–and thus the user won’t even know someone falsely reported them.)
For a user, they can think they were reported but there is no way for them to confirm via wattpad. If they were to ask wattpad, they’d probably just be told to follow guidelines and the code of conduct–as being reported by someone or not, we must all follow the rules :slight_smile: