Wattpad Next Beta Applications and Featuring Update ft Nick



I continue to one-up my ability to title my posts by just going longer every time. So good at this.

I said there would be discussions about applications in the future and that it was always a possibility. Here we are, having a discussion.

When I set about to tackle an application for the Next Beta program, I wanted it to be robust, serious, and informative. And then I remembered, I already made such an application. It’s called the Wattpad Story Promotion Application, as part of being featured. It was incredibly robust, covering a lot of information, maybe even some that was more than one might need. Almost like I was building it with this future case in mind and it’s all an elaborate plot…

Anyways, the Wattpad Story Promotion Application has been updated, and now includes the option to indicate you’re also applying for the Wattpad Next Beta Program (you can apply for both at the same time in one application, you just check both).

You can head over to that application here.

All the same rules I’ve previously outlined will apply here. You will not receive notice of your application being rejected. If we are interested, a staffer will reach out to you to talk about it, but by applying you are not signing up for the program or legally bound to any sort of contract. We would talk to you, give you a lot of information, and then talk to you about officially signing up if we’re interested in your application. That may not happen for weeks, months, or even years. You can also only submit once every 3 months for the same story (though you can submit all your stories if you like).

Now, if you already submitted to it for promotion and don’t want to violate the 3 month rule, don’t worry. You can submit again under this exception, but for those who don’t see this post or think that’s unfair, that’s also fine, because we’re already considering all of the applications in there for the Next Beta so you’re covered either way.

Also, the Next Beta has an interesting exception to what you can submit because we accept stories that do not currently exist. You still need to submit a story you have that showcases your writing as your application, but when it comes to filling out the rest of the information, you’ll select “Not Yet Started” as your story state, and can proceed to fill out the full synopsis as a form of pitch to us.

So to reiterate, you’ll need to link to one of your existing stories that you feel best represents your writing talents (and also has some Wattpad success), but you fill out the rest of the form as your story pitch. Series, sequels, and spin-offs are welcome too, just in case anyone is thinking only single, standalone stories can apply.

To make things extra clear, please include a complete story synopsis that includes the ending of your story. That is different from the story description you put on the front of your story on Wattpad. Spoil things for us. We need to know all of the story.

Remember, the more effort, energy, and professionalism you put into the application, the more we’ll consider it. Loglines of “A girl finds out she’s a hero” really aren’t interesting or unique sounding compared to “A young girl, suffering depression and fleeing her abusive parents, runs into a supernatural forest that secretly feeds on children.” They shouldn’t be long, but they need to have a little bit of oomph to them!

A final reminder, stories can be posted elsewhere, it won’t disqualify you, but if you join the program, they would have to come down elsewhere, so if you don’t want to do that or don’t have the ability to take it down, you wouldn’t be able to apply with that story (but you could always write a new one).

Hopefully that covers everything. If you continue to have questions, you can jump over to my AMA thread and submit them for the live AMA on Wednesday, February 20th at 7PM EST. You can also check out the general update post on what we look for in a story. And you can ask me things here about the application.

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Not gonna lie, I kinda wondered why you didn’t just make the featured application be for both next and the promotions :laughing: Seemed like it required enough info that it could work for Next and now here it is!


This is awesome! Thanks for being so thorough with keeping us updated on everything, Nick! I know what I’ll be doing tonight now!



Didn’t expect that, but I’m pleasantly surprised.


This is awesome! I really wasn’t expecting there to be an application process for the Next program this soon!


If you are submitting a story that is not yet posted, do you need to have another work of 10,000 words already up?

If I have a brand new story that is fewer than 10,000 words, does that mean I should wait to apply until I’ve posted enough chapters?


I know I asked this on another thread, but I didn’t get an official answer. I submitted a story to be Featured, but I didn’t include the ending because it hadn’t been written yet. But now that it has, will it hurt my chances of being featured? Would I have to submit it again in March?


wow this is cool. Thanks for the opportunity.


To the folks on the wattpad publishing thread. Remember when i said yall pitching to a publisher now??


I’ve been saying this for awhile. In the near future the prize for winning a Watty will be an invite to the Next program.


I feel kind of sorry for everyone in the boycott threads who left lol.


Its a pity but we all have our paths to walk i suppose


Yup you’ll still need a story that meets requirement


Use this exception period to resubmit anyways under a next and featured application.



My guess is the potential for both Next and Wattpad Books will be one of the prizes.


Makes sense. I guess we will probably hear from @nick and the team before summer if this happens.


This actually looks really cool. I appreciate you adding Next Beta consideration to the form! Thank you for all the info :slight_smile:


I just saw this after submitting…I don’t remember when I last submitted for promotion…


Question. If we put not posted elsewhere on the application then remembered that forever ago we did post it elsewhere, should we submit a new application or contact you about the error?


You’ll be fine, like I said, you get contacted, it doesn’t disqualify you or anything