Wattpad Next Beta Applications and Featuring Update ft Nick



I understand that. It’s really hard, especially now to get noticed and draw in readers.


Off topic but do you know if you realize that there is a mistake in your application can you reapply before three months? Can I send another and explain in the notes the initial mistake?


I wouldn’t in case they’re deleting duplicates.

Instead, I’d edit, update and wait out the three months. (But that’s just my opinion :grinning: and what I’d do - I haven’t applied myself since this opened. I sort of figure if they want me, they’ll find me).

If it’s only a small mistake, (a typo, slight plot difference, genre or tag change, it wouldn’t make any difference and they’ll notice it anyway themselves.


Ok thank you :slight_smile:


You can consider submitting a ticket for the issue-


Thank you! I was sure fanfiction would be excluded, but I was curious to know for sure.


I thought I was the only one going through this! :sweat_smile: Especially since one of my books got promoted by the Wattpad genre profiles.


Same, its possibly the worst time for me since I just got promoted.




Dang, but congratulations anyway!


Unfortunately, getting reads is like straining juice at the moment. It never used to be like this, but I think WP is doing their best to make the read count genuine. Although, not looking that way at the moment. :flushed:

On the upside is whatever reads your story does have are “genuine”, i.e, from other people and maybe 1 from yourself if you edited.

I agree that it’s not an encouraging sign to see so few. If you haven’t the time to invest in book clubs, read4reads, user competitions and so forth, you can only rely on tag discoverability (which is wonky at the moment).

In short gaining read interest here may look bleak at the moment. BLEAK. However, you’d think it’ll get better from here on it.

I do post to other likewise sites, I must say what you gain from WP is support. People here are as avid readers and writers as yourself. Most want to see a story grow if they like it with likes, read count contributions and supportive comments. Even if you’ve gained one reader that follows the story throughout or handful of chapters. That’s one solid reader you’ve been able to bank on. Pretty awesome.

The read and tag issues aren’t always going to be wonky… fingers crossed. WP might even introduce something else groundbreaking that compensates. So, hopefully it’s worthwhile sticking around.


Hmm, that sounds interesting


@VeronicaPurcell3 I’m 99% certain I’m shadow-blocked.
Whether it’s intentional or not is the part I don’t know about.

I’m just lucky that I had followers - who are extremely loyal, some re-readers and so forth or else I wouldn’t have had any reads. I also entered ONC so got traffic related to that - I had a story search thread going in here about it but would also have read many entries myself.

My stories are superficially ranking but down a bit and hidden usually by a sprew of banned/ illegal content around them in the worse case scenarios. In others, there is low read or unrelated to the tag stories that haven’t been updated for years and have clearly been abandoned.

Most of the tags, have a few specially placed, promoted reads near the top. (eg the Beta ones, Watty winners or others on the radar). Then there’s a pile of low reads odd things unrelated to the tag - so a genuine reader is going to stop scrolling. Eg WTF I’m looking for #ValentinesDay and that’s a rant book. The next is BTS gifs followed by rebel song lyrics and a porn story.

Further down - there’s mine - but the reader has already gone or is, as Wattpad may have intended, reads the promoted story.

When I thought about it, this was going on for longer than in 2019. But near the end of 2018, I had a Christmas one, that although (very strangely) not ranking on any Christmas related tags - found repeat readers who also seemed to bring in more - and they read the other ones.

I blamed my Christian/Muslim romance for offending someone. (not that anyone commented about that - mainly things were positive - that it was realistic, funny, perceptive).

Then I blamed my ONC entry likewise - although most readers are finding it hilarious. However, obviously banned content -child porn, smut roleplays and banned images along with abandoned stuff and spam is creating a thick wall that would impress Donald Trump and hiding stories.

if I’m shadow blocked, book clubs here, further competitions etc are a waste of time. I’ve 8k done for Opennovella and will finish that ( when I come to term with what appears to be going on) and leave it here.

However, on the plus side, I’m thinking, if Wattpad has gone to the trouble of hiding my stories either deliberately or by accident of them being too popular, they might (with a round of edits as they’re all rough drafts), be better than I thought.

But unless things improve, I’ll take this as an omen to take them elsewhere. This has been going on for nearly a quarter of a year.


Could it be maybe because things are slow at this time of the year? Surprisingly, I am not facing that problem. My reads are increasing at a steady rate. I am getting new readers and votes. I’ll admit that there are periods of absence but I don’t take it too seriously. How long has this been happening to you?



This has been happening since about the end of November but could have been going on before that and I blamed myself. I usually get a surge of reads and new followers when I finish a story. This didn’t happen this time. I checked the story for flaws - as it wasn’t a straightforward romance.

But it would be better written than some of my earlier ones that did well.

I actually felt invisible and for the last few weeks, have been investigating how such a turnaround happened. Even if I wasn’t getting a few reads, I would have got some new traffic - and it was so strange that the only traffic was people known to me.


Honestly when I finished writing the story and marked it complete. The story barely got any activity despite people claiming that readers like reading completed stories. I let it stay. Funnily enough, the period that you have mentioned, is when I saw boost in my reads.


@MaryFahey @VeronicaPurcell3 I noticed this as well - my reads have been dropping off quite a bit since october-november-ish last year at quite a steady rate :sweat_smile: votes are also pretty rare on the story as well (with the exception of the past week) My story was featured in a Christmas-themed this past December-January (something I’m still incredibly grateful for), however that didn’t seem to have a noticable impact on the book’s activity/ stats :shrug:

My graphics book on the other hand has been recently increasing rapidly in terms of unique readers (65 yesterday alone) so I don’t know whether my other book is just to do with me and lack of advertising/ reader interest :sweat_smile:

Edit - I took a look at the first book’s stats and while they’re fairly constant, in the past couple of days my reads have spiked a little so I’m not sure what that’s about :joy:


I find that my art book (despite completley sporadic and inconsistent updates) gets consistent reads and votes. My old one on my other account would as well.

My book books, though, will get about 5-10 reads (several new) on the very first chapter, and then 1-3 who continue with the story. Most only vote and never comments, but sometimes I’ll get one that comments.

I’ve been doing my best to read more, be more active, get involved with book clubs, community, contests, etc, but everything on Wattpad has slowed severely.


I’m quite similar - with my main book (the christmas one) I tend to either get people who vote just on the first chapter (so I assume quite a few stop at the first chapter) or people who read the whole thing in one go. There’s quite a few silent readers so it’s difficult to tell outside of what I see from users’ votes :slightly_smiling_face:

Something that does seem to have helped me quite a lot though is being added to the Wattpad genre profiles’ reading lists - have you ever tried submitting to any of those?:slightly_smiling_face:


I actually need to submit. I had one book submitted a while ago, but I need to submit my new one. Thank you for the reminder!