Wattpad Next Beta Applications and Featuring Update ft Nick



Hey there !

Just to check if I understood : a non English, Spanish or Tagalog-speaker can send an application in one of those languages (but not in German, for example), is that right ?
However, can the story be written in German ? Or only in English, Spanish or Tagalog ?

If it isn’t possible, do you know - approximatively - when submissions will open to other languages ? In 2019 ?


I post daily on Insta but found Wattpad marketing rather useless there. I recently joined Twitter and got a much higher turnover of people interested in and potentially reading my books. I even have one user who reads my stories even though they don’t have a Wattpad account and shares my update tweets.

I tried doing that for a while, but I never found it to engage people much. Maybe it depends on the story, and the following.


I’ve found my story being completed was like slapping a curse on it. Especially when it went into the 4K read zone. :flushed:

Regardless, I’m going to be the sucker to forgive WP faults and leave my story up since I’m all about giving reader options for enjoying my works.


I usually get a lot of reads once I put completed on it. I think that happens a lot as people like to know the ending ( and often read it before the middle part).

This didn’t happen with my last one - so it will probably come down at the weekend unless there’s a backstop on the ranking system. I’ll find another home for it.


I’m sorry your stories are having a hard time. It’s not a good feeling when you perceive your story isn’t given a fair go.

My naive side is going out on a limb and just say that WP platform is under duress, broken with the intention to be better/securer or undergoing some radical evolution (prayers deeply this evolution spikes my story’s reads to 1M when switched on).

Or this time of year is slow for the book industry in general.

I don’t think it’s WP intention to exclude content unless to breaks their T&C, which is pretty fair and standard for IP protection and abiding to law.


I remember Nick stating somewhere that the Jan-Feb are one of the slowest months.


I hope this is the case here.


What advice would you give for someone who doesn’t have a lot of followers on IG, and wants to promote their books there?


Hashtags are your friend. Like others’ posts about Wattpad. Post a mix of quotes, teasers and photos from your writing life. I use the Over app to do my graphics but you can do Canva for free, or also BookBrush.


I agree with this — I think Instagram is particularly good for romance. Twitter has been dead for my books, for the most part (although it’s a fun place to hang out with other romance authors).


No, we evaluate your ability to write, not your ability to type. We’re more interested in story, because we know when we message people they often already have a fixed version of their manuscript or because simply rereading it and editing out typos is all that’s needed.

But if you know you have a story full of errors, are you’re implying, you should fix known errors before you submit. Why showcase a lesser version of your best possible work?


It’s just always on


They’re leaving the program so they’ll return to being free


I’m pretty certain you can’t make a mistake that would disqualify your story, that seems fairly impossible. So if we contacted you, you could just correct the mistake then


You can speak any other languages you like, but the only ones supported for now are English, Spanish, and Tagalog, but I couldn’t give an ETA on new language support, as that takes a lot of work on our side to set up the infrastructure


Ok thanks. I just changed the middle of the story and wanted to change what I applied for. I’m now more interested in building an audience on the editors picks list than anything else.


Interesting. That makes sense. I searched some Wattpad tags and all I found was romance quotes. That’s probably why I found it harder for marketing my books as currently only one contains any hint at romance.

I’ve found lots of Wattpad/Romance authors on Twitter mainly because one author (who also follows me on Wattpad) invited me to join the #writerscommunity tag on Twitter and from there lots more found me as well.


Fair enough. I knew from the Wattys that the stories didn’t need to be grammar perfect to be long listed, at least. Wasn’t sure about the Next program. Anyways, Happy Family Day!


I’d say he’d be right there too. I’ve found for me that June - Sep generate the most read interest times. Then a spike before Christmas. It’s all about market trends.


I’m new to the forums but I’m glad I stopped by. This is great. Thank you so much @nick