Wattpad Next Beta Applications and Featuring Update ft Nick



I’m new to the forums but I’m glad I stopped by. This is great. Thank you so much @nick


This incentive would be wise! I’m also very fond of the idea that stories will be posted that “do not currently exist”. As an ambassador you might know the answer to this question…are stories in the Next program line edited in any form before people pay money to read them?


That would be a question for @nick I’m afraid. I have no knowledge of Next outside of the fact it exists and what has been shared on these forums. Maybe one of the content ambassadors might know, but I suspect it’ll be mostly Nick with that information.


That’s been largely answered above. Stories aren’t line edited by Wattpad, coaches are involved in helping improve the entire story and a writer’s overall writing ability, which can include going over sections of a story and talking about what parts would be fixed.

Usually, a lot of the authors have also already edited their story on their own time, with an editor, beta readers, and a lot of revision.


I was curios as to whether in the future having to pay for books would
a) reach all genres (fanfiction included) and
b) become standard for all books (whether they under went the application or not) and if authors could request that taken down

P.S. I love that wattpad is expanding the program and it has been incredible to see it grow into what it is now. I have been here for roughly 6 years on and off and it has become something incredible. Thank you for your time!


Maybe they’d just choose the deserving stories.

Because if every written story will be given a monetary credit, there will be lots of nonsense stories that will pop up; and its a chaos… you know for this community.


Fanfiction can’t be included (legally) so unless some laws changed around copyright or fanfiction got clarified better, it’s not really an option even if we super loved it. My understanding of the fanfiction community at large is that they’re also morally opposed to doing it for profit (at least in the writing world) because they recognize it’s not their IP and they’re doing it out of passion. I’m not in that community though so that’s as far as I can go.

And no, it would never be a case where people are put into the program without their consent or knowledge. People don’t have to apply to be selected currently, but you can’t enter into the program without being informed and signing a contract


As a fanfic writer, I can say that this is true for me. :slight_smile:


Wow, I didn’t know that the fanfiction community was opposed to making a profit. I know I would jump at the chance though. :joy:


Haha, yeah, it is shocking, but as Nick said, a lot of us are, partly because of that legality issue.


No. You can read this post by Nick-


Just saw that a split second before you posted lol thank you <3


Language matters?


Sadly only english currently (maybe it changed now)


You mean only beta application? I mean the all story promotion thing is english?


yes I mean only Nextbeta


Hey Nick, I applied but forgot to mention in the notes that I have most of the story pre-written, I suppose I can’t edit my application to add that right? :confused:


The Next Beta application supports three languages. You can read Nick’s post here-


I’m afraid that you can’t. On a brighter note, you can read what Nick posted regarding the same issue-


This is such a good idea, I’m really excited for it honestly!!