Wattpad Next Beta Applications and Featuring Update ft Nick







Just a general question that has me curious, how many submissions have been received since the application opened?


hahha yeah you are right


A few hundred


I’m noticing more and more people with ongoing stories saying they are considering applying to Next. You’ve obviously said that it’s best to have a final product, but what are the circumstance for an unfinished story Wattpad might consider including in the Next program?

I would have to guess it’s a writer who already has a very large fan base, can market their stories exceptionally well, and has a group of readers who are always reading the new chapters they publish.

Is there anything else other than a finished product? Does Wattpad ask how many chapters they have planned out or completed ahead of time?

To me, it doesn’t make any sense to have an unfinished story and apply for something as big as Next unless you have the reads and demand.

You don’t want to make paying readers mad by not being able to complete the story or have long and inconsistent updates in between new chapters.


I do not have a large preexisting group of readers - not that I know of at least. It’s hard to figure when my readers are basically all silent.
But I have been uploading a new chapter every Friday for over a year, proving that I am consistent, and I have a clear picture of where my story is going and how, which they know from talking with me.

I did not apply for the program though, they contacted me before this whole application thing happened.


I’m curious as to what they stated drew interest to your story. Can you elaborate what they said about it during their message to you?


You can read Nick’s reply about the same question in this post-


Basically that they were surprised my story hadn’t gotten bigger attraction and whether it was simply do to it not having the right light shine on it. And then that they were curious to see how an ongoing story as long as mine is would fair in the program.

Those in the program are still test subjects, in a sense.


Either the ongoing story itself has some sort of traction to it and already passes our expectations, plus has a decent amount of content/consistent updates (like @MariaJoWrites whose story individually meets the threshold + it’s very long + she always updates on time).

If someone were going for something that was very very new, they would have to point to an existing project that demonstrated a) they’ve finished a story before or are near finishing a story or have written a ton of content and b) they’ve found success with at least one of those other stories (like the 8K mark). You would basically have to have a complete story that would otherwise qualify and you’re instead subbing in this new, incomplete one.


Understood. So basically you just want consistency.


Yup, it’s a risk evaluation, and it would be very risky to take on a 5 part, 100 read story with no other stories on the profile. I don’t doubt that that person could be an amazing author who will write a super story, but I would be doing that entirely on faith and a guess. As we’ve all seen and found out, they could get bored of the story and quit it in two weeks. They could get busy with something else. They’ve never finished a story before and have no idea how to end it. And so on.


Yeah, it’s one of the reasons I’m willing to wait for TWR to be finished and edited before applying. The demand is there or appears to be there, but I want the finished product ready for you so I don’t make people mad by not being able to complete the story lol.


Yes this is excellent. I am really surprise.Keep the update.


Oh! I forgot to ask and might have mentioned it somewhere. @Nick (as we all know how awesome you are with answering questions) will Wattpad Next ever feature Mature stories? Not necessarily erotic, but like a gory zombie book, or a romance story with a smut scene? Or is Next for Pg-13?


Hello, I actually feel like I can answer this one. I’m a Next author and my book Dirty Lying Faeries has a mix of adult language and three different sex chapters. It’s marked ‘mature’ and I put warnings on the very top of the intro page. I hope this answers your question.


Oh sweet!!! Thanks for answering that!

That does answer my question.


Congrats on being a Next author!


Thanks! And I’m happy to answer some of the questions if I can since I know the staff is busy with all of us program newbies being added.