Wattpad Next Beta Applications and Featuring Update ft Nick



There’s already some pretty steamy stuff in there…


Hahaha awesome!! I hadn’t gotten that far :joy:


My two Next books have open-door sex scenes. They’re not erotic romance but there is definite steam.


Sure. Thanks. I am wrapping my book on Wattpad in a matter of two weeks. So more focused there now. But, I will reach out soon.


Thank you for sharing this! I submitted mine today!


Congratulations on being chosen for Next, Sabrina :slight_smile:


Are the applications a permanent feature? Or is there a deadline of some type before this feature goes into hiding? My story is only at around 9,000 words so I cannot submit one right now. I post new content up every other day or so, finishing a chapter about once a month. I hope that my slowness to catch up does not cause me to miss out on such an opportunity. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You can read Nick’s reply here-


Hi! I live in New Zealand, would I be able to apply? :blush:


Yes, you can :slight_smile: The applications are open world-wide in three languages- English, Spanish and Tagalog. You can read this post for more details-

All the best :slight_smile:


Even for Wattpad Next? I thought this was only available in certain countries? :blush:


Yup, even for Next Beta. The program is available in selected countries, but the writers in the program are chosen from across the world. I honestly see no harm in trying and I suggest that you give it a chance :slight_smile:
You can read this article for more info-


Thank you! :smile:


I just realized that that gives rise to more questions.

So… If Wattpad Next Beta is available only in certain countries, BUT anyone can apply as long as they write in the designated languages: what happens to their Next books in countries where the program hasn’t been rolled out yet? I suppose they don’t just vanish. :smiley:

Can these books be accessed in countries without Next for free, then? What if someone uses a VPN to simulate that they are from a country where Next isn’t active yet? Can they bypass the paywall? Or are there protections in play to avoid that, so the Next authors don’t lose revenue?


In that countries you can only read the chapters that are still public. The chapter behind the paywall you can’t read.


You’ll hit a paywall that needs you to pay coins but have no way to buy coins


What about a shared account?
I live in a country where you can’t buy coins, but the other person can buy coins.

Can the other person buy the coins and chapters? Can I read the chapters then too?

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Boy you’re fast. Thanks for the answers, both of you, I may have missed that in the discussions. :slight_smile:

So as a potential Next author, you’d need to consider the downside of your story not being accessible to all people over the world. That’s quite a big thing to consider—give everyone access to your story or earn some money. Wasn’t so clear to me until now, thanks. ^^


That’s at least true today though more people will gain access over time and as more countries are added.


If the part was purchased while you were on holiday in Canada, then the part is purchased as far as your account is concerned when you go back home