Wattpad Next Beta Applications and Featuring Update ft Nick



Hey again! I was wondering how long it would take on average for Wattpad staff to contact you if your story was accepted? I just want to know so I don’t wait forever for something that most likely won’t happen! :joy:


You may just be waiting forever, it has no time limit or expected timeline. I would say make peace with sending it in and send off a prayer or whatever version of that you practice and then back to working on stories.


I was wondering what the condition is if you’re story is short of 10,000 words by perhaps a few hundred (no more than 500 words).



You’re saying you have a completed Short Story of 9500 words?


I don’t personally, but in the future if I were to decide to do this, then yes because I know you say “completed short story” but there’s also a question on whether or not the short-story has 10,000 words or more.


Completed short stories and poetry collections ignore the 10,000 word minimum


@nick Is there a requirement on chapter length? For example, there’s a quite a difference between stories with 200 words per chapter verses stories with 3000+ words per chapter - how would/ could this work?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


No, not really. Stories can have any chapter length you like, so long as you think it can work. 1K-3K is the preferably range with 2.2K around the average among all the top stories on Wattpad so that seems to be what readers prefer.


But would you allow a book into the Next program where each chapter has less than 700 words, but in total +100 chapters?
Or would you tell the author do combine some chapters?


That might depend on the type of content or strength of narrative you’ve created. There are certainly published books out there with notoriously short chapters, so it’s always possible. There are also cases where people don’t write a lot but it’s very valuable and strong, or if you were to assemble the clues together to form a larger picture, such as Online Profile of a Serial Killer.

That said, if there were a story where we couldn’t see a reason why the chapters were all so short (like they weren’t complete scenes, just inexplicably broken up) we would ask they be merged together, though that’s more for story flow reasons


Please don’t answer questions you don’t know the answers to with guesses. Feel free to quote me but guessing or making up the answers is how misinformation and rumours spread, especially since this is my thread where I’m here answering the questions anyways, so questions will get answered


Sorry, Nick. Truly sorry. I won’t do it again.


Ok. Good to know


A small question, if the summary doesn’t satisfy you, but you see a small potential, will you still contact the writer for further discussion or, will you drop the story??

(I mean, not gonna lie, my summary was sh*tty :))

P. S how do you contact the writer??


We would contact you through Wattpad. And while we might not accept a story that isn’t currently in a great state but has potential, we might give it some tips on how to get there and see if the author can find the ways to make it work.


That’s cool too. Some authors can do well with the nudge in the right direction.


I was wondering, considering the recent rebranding (I love the new color scheme, a lot easier on the eyes), does what we submit have to be within this brand image, or can it be anything besides 90s juvenile and young adult fiction?

Mainly I’m wanting to avoid a “Crybaby Lane” type situation. For those who don’t know the show I mean, it was a lost tv show that reappeared, because it was apparently “unsuitable for children”, even though the material was tame by today’s standards even in middle grade.


My Next books are squarely in the steamy romance category. Definitely not YA or for kids :slight_smile:


@nick Say we already sent the application but ended up changing some of the plot, what happens if Wattpad (by some miracle) reaches out to you?


I’m just here to makes a meme outta this :+1:

Next one gonna be:

Wattpad Next Beta Applications and Featuring Knuckles ft Knuckles & Knuckles