Wattpad Next Beta Applications and Featuring Update ft Nick



Alrighty, thanks for clarifying it :))


Why did wattpad deleted chatango? It was so nice! A quick way to communicate with other writers.


I’m not sure I follow on this question. You’re saying would we not take on a story because it had negative content? We obviously don’t work with stuff that violates our content guidelines sine it has to go but if your concern is like sexy or Mature stuff can’t make it, it’s already in.


You would tell Wattpad you changed the plot and have that discussion


I don’t know what chatango is, I’ve never heard of it.



Oh my I am one of the 1st generation wattpaders here . B4 followers were named as fans and then we had this tiny chat box called chatango just like an fb messenger~! I hope they bring it backxxx


You mean meebo chat bar?

Wattpad didn’t delete it, that was a different app that some websites used across the internet. Google bought it and shut it down.


Ohh is that sooo? That’s too baad ;(


Our supreme lord replied in meme, god bless



Never try to bring meme into my house and not think I’m ready.

When you come post here, you’ll always be pleased and delighted


I should have never expect less from the supreme goat lord of Wattpad

Praise thou :goat:


Ooooh, just put mine in :heart_eyes::blush:


Good luck! :smile:


I put mine in just now and realised I had done so earlier :flushed:

That’s why we need the application sent notif! I’m sure I didn’t a better application the first time around.:pensive:


Good luck!


All the best :slight_smile:


I don’t have an existing story :frowning: as I’m currently writing my first one now. Is it okay to provide chapters from our current, unfinished stories to be used as a sign of our writing talents.


Hi! Unfinished stories are okay as long as it meets the guidelines: 10,000 words or more and updates that are rather frequent. You can submit a poetry or short story, but they need to be completed :slight_smile:


Does anyone know if Wattpad provides any sort of statement to people who sign up for Next? So that you can actually see what the payout is and how the payout was calculated? Numbers of any kind other than the payout amount?