Wattpad Next Beta Applications and Featuring Update ft Nick



I appreciate the answer, but it didn’t exactly answer my question. Does a Next participant see how the payout was calculated? Of course they would know how much they earned, but do they ever find out how that number was achieved? Some sort of statement that shows any numbers other than the payout?


Currently no from the beta, we’re working on a few ideas for self serve options where authors would always just have access to that information, as opposed to being sent something and can review it as they see fit


Got my application in for Awaken. Crossing my fingers! I’ve been so excited since Next was announced to apply!


Hi Nick, you’ve already specified that fanfic cannot be apart of Next Beta but will they be considered for the Wattpad Story Promotion if I was to submit an application?


Good luck




@MaskedObsession I’m so glad you asked this question.

@TamaraLush When you say photos from your writing life, do you mean photos you’re actually in? I took myself off social media about a year ago and do not regret it at all, so I’m wondering if it’s necessary to post pictures of myself if I open an account to promote my work? It’s not an insecurity thing, I just really value my privacy.


I just started Dirty Lying Faeries and I found it because I saw it on the Next list on the homepage. It’s great, btw. Congratulations!


Thank you! I appreciate you giving me a chance. I’m currently making my way through as many Next books as I can too. I’m astonished at the talent and I can’t believe I’m in here with these awesome folks haha.


Usually it’s as simple as a cup of coffee next to my closed notebook, or a photo of what I’m reading. I have done a selfie at my desk, and of a plant on my desk. I try to keep it pretty simple.


Okay great, thanks for sharing, that’s helpful!


I had a quick question.

I actually think that the Next Beta program is super cool and a good idea. – and obviously, over time, there will be more stories involved in it.

But I wanted to verify: the vast majority of stories will still be free, right? Because I’m not sure if I can afford that — not for a hobby…




Aww I remember Chatango ^¬^ I still have the exact copy of my user and password in my mind xD


Yes the vast majority will stay free


Thank you! <3


If something changed significantly after putting in the application (like I pulled it from another writing site and now it’s only on here), can I go anywhere to say that, or does it not matter if HQ is interested, and therefore will reach out to you regardless?


If it’s interesting, it’s interesting


Well said. :giggle:


Good to know :wink: