Wattpad Next Beta Applications and Featuring Update ft Nick



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I updated my Wattpad Beta and saw feature “See more like this?” With thumbs up and thumbs down button.

I’m kinda excited by this feature. So if people putting thumbs up to stories that similar to mine, then there is a chance that writers will get boost of readers. Am I right?


So I’ve got a few questions for clerification. So If I want to post a preestablished story would I have to take it down from it’s original home to have it here instead. If i write a story brand new and post it here and have it connect to my own stories will I be able to eventually post it to my own story or would this be it’s forever home?


If you have a story that gets invited to be part of Wattpad Next Beta, the story has to be exclusive and only be available on and through Wattpad.


Welcome @dig1115. This is a publishing contract and follows the basic contract for most professional publishing contracts. Your signed story (not the rest) will be exclusively on/to :wattpad:attpad. After the contract expires, you can do what you want with it.


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Yes, you have to. You can read Nick’s post here-


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@ddMassinissa Can you please clarify what do you mean? I’m not sure I get you.

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Well, thanks for all the replies!


I applied to it but I guess just because it isnt available in my country it shows nothing when is it coming to other countries?


You can still apply to Next even if it’s not available in your country. They’ll take books from all over. I’ll let Nick answer the rest of it since he’ll know more about the continued roll out.


You can read Nick’s post here-


This is purely hypothetical because I am not even remotely popular at the moment, but what counts as “Wattpad success”? What is the cut off of followers, reads, or both that you have to have in order to be considered successful on Wattpad?


Probably somewhere in the high thousands. Look at the Next people, or the romance writers with 1M reads.


I have seen many people on Next that have only 1,000 - 2,000 and don’t even have that many followers. I’m asking because it clearly just depends. And those stories have generally been up forever and a day or got featured so they got more attention and shot up in reads.


1-2K is bottom rung stuff, although apparently it means you’re in the top 15% or whatever. Probably contains millions of people. Few make it over a hundred thousand if that. One million appears to be rare.


Of course one million is rare, lol. That’s a lot of reads. There’s like 65 million people on Wattpad and many of them are writers. That’s A LOT of books being published. The only reason we see all the millions of views on things is because those are the ones that are on the front page so it seems a lot more common than it is. Top 15% is not bottom rung. That’s a very negative way of looking at it, at least in my opinion. :slight_smile: It probably does require quite the impressive number of views, but I have in fact seen books that did not have so many at all so I think the question is still relevant.


Sorry, I’m in a bit of a pessimistic mood today. There’s lots of great gems on Wattpad, and most of them I’ve found don’t sit in the millions of reads.



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