Wattpad Next Beta Applications and Featuring Update ft Nick



Okay. I was just worried cause I accidentally put the “not posted elsewhere” when I forgot the story is posted two other places. Thank you for the response.


Can you apply more than once with the same story? If so, what’s the waiting time in between applications?


3 months of waiting


casually checks forums for once

I have a question. Will this application be known across all of wattpad, or just here. It seems a little biased if it’s only distributed in one place. No offense or anything, just seems like a lot of writers who may not use the threads would miss out on an opportunity like this if they don’t frequent here…


It shall stretch beyond these walls I just have a bunch of other places to put it but I choose now to be a good Canadian watching a hockey game and trying my best. My forum people call to me though, even if it’s to sass me and poke fun at cliches. But it will continue to grow


Good :wink:


I’m surprised and super excited!!! Good luck to everyone applying!


So I have a couple of questions.

How much of the book needs to be done if it’s not completed yet to be considered?
If someone is selected who has an incomplete book is there a time frame to get it finished?
And you don’t discriminate against Sharks fans do you?

If I missed an answer in the original post I apologize. I’ve been up since 5am and teaching wears me out!


I know! That was much faster than I imagined them creating something along those lines.


10,000 words and you complete it at your own rate, so long as it’s consistent. It’s a business partnership so a writer would only be hurting their own revenue by not updating or abandoning a story. But if you update once a week or every two, to each their own


Sorry. :sweat_smile:

What is a Supported Story?

Here I am updating three times a week. Will contact you in April, lol. XD



question time. under this news/exception, are you still considering the 8k reads as a threshold of interest for Next? what about for being featured?

thank you for sharing these cool news @nick


OK thanks. And you’re not a Calgary Flames fan are you? :grin:

I appreciate the quick reply.


Not applying (My work is not even close to good enough, besides, I don’t need the money) But thanks for being so on top of it Nick.


I’m making it a goal to submit a proper application once my story is ready. This is a really exciting direction for Wattpad!


Yup it will still be in consideration for the threshold that we generally abide by.

But if you applied for both and your story got on Editor’s Picks or promoted elsewhere and suddenly had a big spike in discovery, well we’d already know you’re interested in Next…


@nick Easy with the titles, you’ll soon be reaching the transcendence of Fall Out Boy song title territory.


Can it be every language or english only?
(Talking about WattpadNext)


English, Spanish, and Tagalog, but this application is only in English, for now. Our fabulous Spanish operator here has her community she works with