Wattpad Next Beta Applications and Featuring Update ft Nick



maybe German in the future?


Huh? It doesn’t cost you anything to send in an application.


Maybe, very future for now but we have a native German speaker here so it’s always possible


Believe they were trying to say they’re not in it (writing) for the money


Dear Nick :slight_smile: thanks for the update. My worry is that I m hosting a writing project on upcoming world water day 2019. Already there are 13 mini e-books published. Lot of other writers are joining in too. I m hoping to request Wattpad to feature my project on World Water Day since on that day the entire world would be interested in reading about the importance of water. Oh would this Beta applications affect it negatively? Im so worried :frowning: Here is the project https://my.w.tt/BORtzct2JT


Great :+1:t3:


Yes, thank you. Mobile has a tendency to delete words for me, I don’t know why.


why are no app links accepted on the form? I never knew they were different. I ask out of curiosity.


There’s a specific thing in one that isn’t in the other that affects some processes here and makes our lives way easier for identifying a story


Quick question! Should the story be editorially ready when submitted, or if accepted will there be some editorial advice from the team?


Our jobs are to give editorial advice, so if you don’t need any, I mean we have other things we can do too to help out, you’re just putting us out of work. It’ll be an editorially easier story for us to handle, and you should polish your story as much as you possibly can and not submit something you know isn’t your best work. But you wouldn’t be disqualified because we read it and said “hmm, rough around the edges, could use some work, too bad none of us are coaches, pass.” We like to help :smiley:


How do you help with story edits? Google Docs? My current editor has been amazing with her suggestions for my story and we’ve been using Google Docs.


It’s coaching, not editing, so it’s not as specific as going through line by line and picking out typos or rephrasings. Our goal is to make you a better writer overall and help out. So, for example, one might send us a scene in google docs and we go over it together to say here are the strengths and weaknesses, here’s what I would correct, what do you want to improve? And from that you learn and take it away and reapply those learnings throughout your story.

Or, we provide a whole bunch of other learning resources and packages to go through. Or we might also have abstract story discussions. Tell me what happens with your character? Are you sure that’s the right arc for them? How will you show it? What if we did this instead?

Could be as simple as writer’s block. Or just a second opinion to check if you’re crazy or not.

For us it’s not about specifically fixing out the typos or grammar errors (most authors do that themselves or have editor friends and already have corrected drafts when we contact them), it’s about making you a better writer overall, not just for the story in the program, but also for any of your stories, and for your confidence in yourself as an author.


** cries in Non-native English **

But for real, could the editor be someone we had picked up from Wattpad?


If you have an editor (or six) who you love to use who helps you out with line stuff, sure, they can always keep helping you out. You can also poke around with other authors in the program and get their opinions and so on.

There are people in the program who ask for help on other stories they’re writing, or are thinking about writing in a less comfortable genre and they ask the group and talk about it.

If you have beta readers or friends, you can go to them too. Your story isn’t locked in and locked down and all under our thumb in that regard.

And we also have some non-native english speakers in the program currently.


Have Next writers seen an increase in follower count as well? What about read increases for their free stories?


Yup to both


Will you read through the entire story to determine its uniqueness to the program, or just the first couple of chapters to check the quality of the writing? Anyone can claim to have a unique story in the synopsis or summary, but could have an entirely different plot in the story.

Of course, not everyone does this, but as a Fantasy writer in the dragon riding trope, most people are going to say its cliche and not realize what plans I have for the story say closer to the 100,000 word mark. I guess it depends on the story length people are in the mood for. How much of the story is skimmed or read through during the application process?


That honestly all sounds super wholesome and nice.


Depends on the story. But if you give a synopsis, it can’t necessarily lie, in a sense. If you say the complete ending and it is indeed very cliche, that would be obvious. If you lied about the ending, that would be a strange thing to do just to claim you’re unique.

People certainly like to pitch a story is unique and then we ask them to explain the story to us and, upon hearing it, we say no, it isn’t.

But, it’s also worth noting being a non-unique story isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You can bring a unique voice, incredibly compelling writing, you could have the best version of a plot everyone is chasing and always loves and that’s fine too.

And if a story seems to have a lot of potential but unfortunately goes into the cliche territory or does something that derails it, that’s why we’re there for coaching and can say “maybe instead of just having them all fall in love as per normal, you go in a different direction and really get people involved?”

The only way you could have this scenario would be a person who is particularly sinister enough to go out of their way to lie and obfuscate in an attempt to con their way in but then it’s their own revenue they’d be hurting by having a story that people don’t enjoy reading, so this seems like an elaborate plot to nowhere, other than I guess to show you could be the type of person who would want to do that.

Yes, I will say that some parts of our systems, like all systems, are susceptible to people intentionally breaking them, in much the same way I know the painted lines on the road for the crosswalk can’t actually stop a car, I just rely on 99% of all people being relatively good. I like to think most of Wattpad’s users are pretty good people and don’t anticipate someone intentionally breaking the system just to break it. I don’t see what they would gain, other than killing some time.