Wattpad Next Beta Applications and Featuring Update ft Nick



Okay, great! That’s what I was hoping to hear :smiley: I’ve been super excited about this program since it was announced, and would pretty much edit and work on things as much as necessary to get it to the point needed if I made it through.


So in essence you guys kind of become Critique Partners for the Next writer. That’s actually really cool because that kind of help can be just as important as an actual editor.


It sounds like there’s a real sense of community among the writers who are in the program too, which is cool to hear. Makes sense, given they’re all part of the beta together, but hopefully that’s something that would be retained as the program grows.


Agreed. I think that’s what I’m the most excited in seeing about this program. They’re supporting each other while Wattpad supports them. Though the chance of earning money on my work is nothing to sneeze at either LOL But a built in support system is a good thing during a writers inevitable “I suck” moment.


Sure, and also you have access to me and I’m a mastermind in story and coaching.

Plus you get the full range of my sass.

Also everyone on my team throws me under the bus. Half of the Next community is trash on Nick, so it’s pretty fun.

(Plus my team is pretty good at what they do too you know)


Hey, I just joined and I want to start a thread how do I do that?
P.S. This is my second account not my first, so I know how to use the community


You’ll have to browse for a little bit to get your trust level higher.


I just applied (again) and I feel pretty confident! :grin:


Good luck :smile:


The application appears geared towards individual narrative works of fiction. I mean, it doesn’t seem like an anthology would be something that qualifies. Is this so?


An anthology of your own stories? You can submit one if you like, just have to outline that in the synopsis. If it’s a series of shorts you can put together the quick beginning, middle, end situation.


So, if a work is an anthology of my own shorts, then in the 500 word summary I would separately and briefly summarize each story?


Yup, as best you can do. If they can’t all fit, go with the outstanding ones


I absolutely like it :yellow_heart:


I’ll rephrase the question: Would speed matter in terms of production? I’m not exactly a fast writer, and there was a time I mainly did short stories.

One of the books I had considered in the past is a result of nine years of derailment in editing, and two years of extension, and I only just ended the volume today.

I also write short: My work would be like a very small fraction of the size for most novel writers, usually 17,000-25,000 words.

Side note: Also I think the backspace function may be wonky on here: it works fine everywhere else. Yet when I use chrome based browsers: it seems to work fine.


I should qualify, me calling it derailment might be to harsh. What I really mean is I was balancing a bunch of different real life issues that made going back for rewrites difficult, and was a bit obsessive about rewrites at the time.


@nick If a story’s recently been featured (in the past few months), is it okay to still submit a form for interest in Wattpad Next? :sweat_smile:


I think they’re already considering all the previously submitted and featured stories for Next. That’s what I’m counting on, anyway! It would be cool to be part of the program. :blush:

From Nick’s post:


Thank you so much Nick! This is exactly what I’ve been asking for!


Whats that?