Wattpad Next Beta Applications and Featuring Update ft Nick



There were some threads in the past with writers and other users threatening to boycott WP over Next.

My opinion of the program has changed considerably, and even @nick knows how much I was against it when they first introduced it. But my opinion on it has changed since then.

The way I feel with writers threatening to leave now? It’s going to be easier for us active authors to get discovered.


Oh, that’s interesting. I recently applied for both next and promotion from wattpad so that I could probably get a spike in reads and have a chance to join but I hope I get in!


Good luck! I’m waiting until I’ve completed my ongoing story. Chapters are short, but I feel like my writing is a lot better than my first story. Plus, there’s going to be more chapters. Maybe, maybe not because of the chapter length, but I feel like readers would be willing to pay as long as the writing is consistent.


Same, I love that we at least have the opportunity to do this.


Hi, if you apply for all categories and you get into the editors pick then you get a spike in reads, can you be picked? When you say that it may take weeks, months or years does that also refer to the editors list?


I have a question about the Next Beta program (although I feel like I already know the answer). Is fanfiction excluded from participating in the Next Beta program? I feel like it is, but I haven’t seen anything in particular listing what can’t be part of the program. I was just curious about the answer, if it’s allowed or not.

Second question: does participating in the Next Beta program prevent you from publishing that particular book (traditionally or self-publishing)? Do you still own the full rights of the story? Once again, just curious. I like the sound of the program, but I wanted to know what the answers are to those two questions.

Thanks for your time!


Thank you for the reply. I appreciate it.


I think a question that has been occupying me is this… Why don’t the people on Wattpad next beta get Wattpad star badges? From my understanding being a Wattpad star entails having some contract with Wattpad to do some behind the scenes projects or getting some publishing whether on paper or pilot tv episode or movie deal or script writing deal etc. People on Wattpad beta next have a contract with Wattpad. So why don’t they have star badge? Is the star program finished now? Or because this is a beta program the people involved are not rewarded with star badge? I am just wondering why.


I think they are just two different program. Next deals with digital only books exclusive to wattpad. Usually stars get their books published in print and are faces for the brand as well as work with wattpad studios so its two different things i think.


Let me answer for you. :blush:

FanFic cannot be in the program.
You can’t earn money on it because the characters and so on are someone else’s property.
Writing FanFics is, strictly speaking, breaking someone’s copyright, and that is a big no-no. Obviously. :wink:

Any books in the Next program are exclusive to Wattpad and the program.
Meaning they can’t be available elsewhere. That includes publishing.
Though, Wattpad is publishing one of the books currently in the program through their new publishing service. Whether that book will stay in the Next program after, I don’t know.

You still have the full rights to your story. No matter what.


If it takes you a long time to write not a lot, that’s something to evaluate for yourself as part of the program. Do you think as a writer, and based on the stability or instability of your life, it’s a good time for you to add the extra pressure of a payment program on your stories? Do you think your writing style will match it? Do you want to make sure you only submit finished works to avoid any of those issues?

And so on


It seems like it would depend: I could overcome most of it only submitting finished work. Though that probably mean only submitting a new complete novella.

(I’m wanting to try Cobalt or other mags for Uploaded Fairy, mostly because it’s about 6 years at this point. And I write very differently now: much more like Realistic with some magic and scifi, and less explicit Science Fantasy.)

By contrast, my other one that’s complete is much more recent, and I think has a lot more life left in it: I’m considering a Midquel for it.


Might be a bit of an odd question, but are 2018 Watty winners eligible to apply for the Next Program? Or do they need to remain free to read for the duration of their ‘term’?


They can apply, there’s some who won already in it so it’s all fine.

However, a story in Next cannot take part in future Wattys.


Because I assume it would give them to much of an edge?


Any moderator please help me put my profile picture in the community? I only have my picture on my profile but not in the community


Did you log out and log in?


Submitted form. Hopefully, I filled it in right. I’m always doubtful with these things, but you never know. Got to be in it to win it right? :grin:


Actually I have a question @nick. Is there a way to have a “form submitted successful” email notification delivered for these application forms. I know that I’m going to forget that I had filled in a form and do it again.


yes, i did it