Wattpad Next Beta Applications and Featuring Update ft Nick



Yes, they are announced when they are open. I remember Samantha stating some time back that they are going to begin in June.

You can follow The Wattys profile for updates on announcements and important info.


No one from South Korea? :sob: That has to start soon someday (and I just read a good news :D)


Thank you so much for your informative reply! I love the wattpad community haha


Unfortunately, South Korea, while a great and technologically advanced place, is also filled with very advanced spam bots. They make life very hard for everyone :frowning: also I cannot read Korean, so they would have to be writing in English.

We might end up with Koreans living in North America signing up though, that’s probably pretty likely.


I wonder, is there any chance other forms of writing beyond fiction writing will become spotlighted? (I.e. poetry, screenwriting.) There’s obviously the most demand for fiction, so I imagine it would be a while.


Is there any exception if you have work to present but its not quite yet 10,000 words?


You can read Nick’s post here-

You can read the full post here-


Yes, in that you can claim it’s a “new” story so to speak, so long as you have a different story that does meet the criteria that you’ve already written that we can use as reference.

Otherwise you’ll just have to write more. Consider it an aspirational target


The application form mentions having a consistent uploading schedule, however I am sometimes unable to meet this requirement due to school. Would I therefore be unable to apply for the story promotion?


I don’t really enjoy the brand new update to the wattpad app, although it is quite bright and quite…different. I highly don’t support the idea to the next beta program, it’s just so unfair!. :rage:


But they did open applications to everyone, so… what’s unfair about that?


what’s unfair about it is only popular and or people who get enough reads throughout wattpad get supported IT IS SO UNFAIR!.


You can’t sell what people won’t buy.


the hell is that supposed to mean?!


Keep in mind readers are more likely to pay for a completed story, rather than an ongoing story. Some of these writers have been on WP for 5 or more years. So they’re naturally going to have more reads and more followers. Which equals more opportunities.

Be patient and work your way to the top. It’s not impossible. It’s taken me 6 months to get to 20,000 plus reads, and that’s with marketing.

Most writers on here don’t market their writing or do it wrong.


That means it’s just business. And the primary goal of a business is to make a profit. Trying to sell something that people won’t buy is a waste of time and resources.
8k reads isn’t even “popular” imo.


Honestly this is coming from someone who is largely undiscovered (Cough cause I am yet to have a lengthy completed book) take it from me this isn’t unfair by a long shot. The applications to featuring is a way of giving everyone to get exposure for the work and even open the way into programs like next if you have the audience. Whether its wattpad or trad publishing or self publishing you need have some indication that people are interested in your content. Its not just about only keeping the glory for those who are popular, (if it was there wouldn’t be this much dialogue about it) wattpad has to make sure people will be interested in purchasing the content. Right now the editorial team has a new member who is supposed to be dedicated to helping writers strengthen their content. This is them helping you to get to better but the work must be done on your part. Everyone who is popular had to work for it. Sure you can argue some content is more popular than some and that’s a fact in and outside of wattpad but regardless you have to write market and connect with people to get them interested in your stories. Right now the threshold for reads in next is about 8k which is pretty reasonable. Most say the hardest part is getting to that 1k so you can imagine its pretty much about having content that people would love because its the most saleable.


okay thank you that clears things up a bit


@nick does my story have to have a certain amount of reads to qualify?


The first few posts of the thread I’m linking might be a good read.

Here: Wattpad Next Beta January Update ft. Nick