Wattpad Next Beta Applications and Featuring Update ft Nick



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Hi Nick, I’m a little late but thank you so much for the update and all this information. I have a quick question about applying for next beta as I want to apply for a story that has not yet been started/posted. For the link we have to provide would you rather it be of our most popular story or of the story we think is the best wriiten?


For promotion in general, no, for Next, yes, you’ll need around 8000


Yup, if you have trouble with a consistent update schedule, for whatever reason, and you’re like me and don’t update books for 6 months at a time (or else I would totally promote all my own stories, curse me for getting in my own way), then you should probably work on finishing the story first then pursuing promotion


That’s your choice, whatever you think better reflects your writing.

If your new story pitch is on the strength of your writing, go with your better written one. If it’s on your ability to tap into popularity, go with that. In general, I think most authors lean into showcasing their more prominent story in quality. We all have a popular story we look back on and shake our heads about…



So that I follow, what would be a fair system of support, in your mind?


@nick not sure if this was asked before but if an author is approached for next and is specifically asked to write new content, can the author choose to write the book to completion before submitting? I know some books are listed in the program as ongoing and I’d love to know if its flexible enough that a book can be completely written before hand and have chapters released weekly or bi weekly.


Yes, you’d just be deferring entry, so to speak.

We do have cases though where people have said yes, they want to join, but not with any story they have, but that said story won’t be available for a few months, and then we say “ok, see you then!”

Probably should stress a bunch in here, the program as a whole is very flexible. We’re here to help but it is a partnership, if you want to still be creative in how you do things, you can, and we’re ok with it. Every person doesn’t have to update every Friday or something. Everyone is different


Thank you so much. That answers it thoroughly. That’s very nice to hear we could work on books and then pop for air and say here “Tada!” lol I love how flexible the program is.


Question… If you’re working on something right now and you manage to finish the entire WIP offline. Would approaching Next first be preferred or should that person just go ahead and upload the thing to Wattpad and then approach Next? What would you guys prefer?


thank you for the admin. I am only a beginner writer, with the existence of this community forum I hope it will be useful for me to increase knowledge for me and others


I’m sorry what?


So tagging ur book feature is no use nw?


Lol. I think you got quoted by mistake. :laughing:


I think so too now :joy:


Thank you for clarifying :grin:

I also have another question which I think @AWFrasier touched on. I have a story I haven’t updated in a while because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it until now, but I’ve been working on it offline. but on the form, it mentions that on-going stories must have a consistent update routine for consideration. Could I still apply for next beta mentioning that I have a backlog of chapters offline that I have yet to post, or would this not be ideal?


You can do either or, though having content that hasn’t existed previously on the platform has it’s upsides, I have to stress that stories are stories and we’ll pick stories we like and think will have success.

We’re not so petty or specific as to say you have to post it exactly a certain way or before or after you contact us or anything like that. Wattpad’s not that kind of place.


You can still tag your story and we still check that tag. Not all stories that are featured came from applications