Wattpad Next Beta Applications and Featuring Update ft Nick



You would just have to make clear that you already have the missing chapters written. If you submit a story you haven’t updated in months, it doesn’t look great, but if you add in the notes that you’ve written the rest of it and it’s just sitting back it works.

Showing you have a consistent update schedule is about us partnering with you. If you have other completed stories, you show you can finish books and go to the end. But if you’ve never finished anything and the only thing you have hasn’t been updated for months, not a favourable picture you paint of yourself. It would be better to start posting again and being consistent before applying.

If you don’t meet the criteria today, that doesn’t mean you can’t just meet them tomorrow


@nick A lot of the writers here are amateurs and don’t have access to the professional editors. What is the Next program expectation in terms of all this? Are the stories rejected because of a few grammar errors here and there?


Hi, just a quick question. Will this application form be available over the coming months or is their a limited time to apply? I apologise if someone else has already asked this or you have stated it elsewhere. Thanks.


I don’t know where to ask this but I will ask it here.

Some of the Next books are saying free the week of February 18. What’s up with that? Is that a form of giving back to the community or promotion? Or did those authors leave the program?

Disclaimer: This is only a question. This has nothing to do with my PERSONAL views on the program. No one has to get triggered.


Hmm…I was wondering this as well. :thinking:


Yeah, that’s a very good question!


I don’t think tags or tag rankings are even working properly right now. Might be worth it to just wait until WP gets them fixed.


They are definitely not working. It’s a real hit and miss at the moment. So, good luck with discoverability via tags.


The problem has been ongoing since at least December. Why is it taking over two months to fix something?

@nick I did send them a ticket about this, but they’ve pretty much made it clear there’s no eta and that was a few days ago the response was posted by another user. Any chance someone higher up can find the fix button please?

Pretty please? XD


December’s issue, the tags were working but the ranking system wasn’t. Now it’s both being impacted and the matter random.


I thought they were going to run a diagnostic based on FireAlwaysReturns’s thread. Guess nothing came of that.


Maybe they did and there’s still work that needs to be done. Who knows? For now, I’m seeing it best not to rely on tags for discoverability. Actually, don’t really mind it at this stage since all my works are at a drafting stage. I’m not really looking for readers yet.


I haven’t had anyone add my ongoing story to their library in about a week. So strange.


And I talked to a featured writer who has noticed reads freezing.


I have had a couple of adds but there’s been a huge gap in between. Also, reads are dead. I’ve been stuck in 4.8K for a long time with Zaldizko. I’ve tested to see if the counter moves and it doesn’t. Might be something to do with cookie trackers. It could also be timing as well. I don’t Feb/Mar period is a time people read a lot since a lot of real life things are happening.


@FantasybkLover @VeronicaPurcell3 I’m relieved to hear. The same is happening to me. Since I started, overnight I’d get a few hundred reads, library adds and so forth - but things have been slow recently - even down to about 10 one night and 99% of that activity from people I know. :astonished:

I actually thought I did something to displease Wattpad and was shadow blocked or something (My ONC story is about a writing retreat for Wattpad users and I was wondering was it not going down well. Fanfic is okay but when the shoes on the other foot…):smiley:

This is serious because if people aren’t getting reads - they take stories down. I was half thinking of it because if this continues, once my ONC stuff is over, the a/c will be dead - and I’m not leaving things up for that to happen. (When someone could be enjoying them on another platform).


I know one book Fire & Feather is leaving the Next program on Feb 18. The author stated she wants the ability to explore other options for her book and being in the Next program she can’t do that. So it could be there are others leaving the program for the same reason.


“Slow” :sweat_smile:
I’m lucky to get 2 votes overnight…

Is this what it’s like to be famous??? :thinking:


Hi @nick I don’t know if you answered this already but what if you realize that there has been a mistake on your application after applying already? Can I send another and explain in the notes the initial mistake?


@sarakbeeksma I’m not famous - infamous more likely😃 But I have noticed a serious drop off in activity on both new and old material. Ever since I started using Wattpad, I’ve always been very consistent through all the changes and regardless of becoming an ambassador etc. If there’s a variance one week, it makes up for it the next week.

Since the beginning of 2019 or so, that hasn’t happened. Up to now, I’ve only posted on Wattpad - but if this continues, I won’t - as it’s becoming an utter waste of time. If no ones reading them, I may as well leave the drafts on my laptop and find another home for them. Where they will have an audience.

I’ll finish my WIP along to the ONC deadlines and leave it - but if things haven’t improved, revert to draft, create and post an edited version of the rest elsewhere. I’m fortunate that 2 stories I have a possible outlet for anyway if I can sort out certain issues with them.

I’ve learnt to write stories here but there’s no point in continuing to leave material available if they aren’t wanted.