Wattpad Next Beta: For those who Disagree


:black_heart: WARNING: This thread isn’t for those who agree with the program. This thread is for those who disagree with the program and would like to voice their opinions.

  • This thread will not tolerate any hate speech towards wattpad or other peoples opinions.

  • Please act civilize.

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Helluuurrr!! How you doing? My name is Haesel. You might know me from the “messy” thread, but if you don’t here is the link to that thread: WattpadNext Beta

A little bit about me:
I am not a messy person at all. I am a nice person, I’m down to earth, I’m friendly and I can be very opinionated.

My life motto is: Voice your opinion even if you stand alone.



This is how this thread is going to work:

  1. If you disagree, state why you disagree and give your solution that will benefit both reader and writer.

2.If you disagree and there is someone’s solution you agree with please state why you agree with their solution.


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I’ll go first (OBVIOUSLY)


When I first found out about this program, I was in between agreeing and disagreeing. I saw both sides of the playing field. I wanted monetization for writers because they work hard and most are dedicated to their craft and accomplishing their goals, but I also looked at it from the reader’s point of view. Not only am I a writer but I’m also a reader and I understand not wanting to pay for a number of reasons. In some countries, a dollar isn’t equalivant to 1 U.S.DOLLAR. In countries like Trinidad and Tobago 1 U.S D = 7 in T.T MONEY, In Jamaica 1 U.S.D = $134. 56 in Jamaican Money and in the Philippines 1 U.S.D = 53.78 Philippines piso. To you a dollar isn’t much but to some people a dollar goes a long way. I believe most readers will found somewhere else to go like Amazon Kindle. E-books are reasonable, better quality and most readers will still be supporting a self-publish author.


I believe wattpad should move in the direction of YouTube. It will be beneficial to readers, writers, and Wattpad. As we all know, Youtube is a billion dollar company while wattpad is a million dollar company. In the coming years, I can see it reaching billion dollar status with the right move. I believe the ad revenues will work for everyone across Wattpad platform if they were tweak.

For example: Many complained that writers weren’t making enough money from the ads. I believe if Wattpad implemented a dollar for every 1k read plus the ads a lot of writers will be making money. With this system, there will be a requirement and a vast majority of writers will be able to monetize their work. Let’s say 10k reads on a book is the starting requirement in order to have ads ran through that particular book.

A problem that could arise is ad-blocker. I don’t believe this will be a major problem on wattpad because I’ve seen comments on books telling the author that they watched every single ad. I think the problem came when readers found out not every writer was getting paid and it was only a select view. Again that was poor communication from the company.

With this solution, I can see more writers staying and alot joining and the readers will be happy and content.

So let’s get the discusion started…


I like the idea of Wattpad Next but I highly disagree with the prices being charged.

Even if I could afford to pay for books on Wattpad, I wouldn’t because the prices are insane.


On YouTube, to be able to apply for their YouTube Partner program (to make money from ads), the creator must meet a minimum threshold

After you hit 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers, your activity will be reviewed against our policies. If everything looks good, you’ll be able to join the YouTube Partner Program and begin serving ads on your content. This threshold will help ensure revenue only flows to creators who are playing by the rules.

I agree more people should be able to make money from advertisements. I think applications should be open for Futures with some more transparency, if they meet a minimum requirement needed. It’s common across creative sites that serve ads – another off the top of my head is Twitch.

I don’t think this is feasible. Sure I’d love it. By that logic I’d have made over $100k in a few months, but because of that, I’m not sure how that could work out. I agree with ads, but not for per reads.


The prices are definitely a bit high.

Is there a conversion of the average of what books cost on Tapas and Radish?


Just a bit? :joy:

I don’t know anyone in their right mind that would pay $68 to $84 CAD for a single book.

Anywho, I don’t know about Radish but @saintc shared these images for Tapas:

Oh, and here are the price packs:

That is in Candian dollars.


Okay. What if they implement a cut off period? After every three months?

1k- $1
10k- $10
100,000k= $100
500,000k= $500
1000000 = 1000$


To put into perspective, I gained 80k reads within about a month. I’d still have made $80k by the three month cut off, if that were to happen. I have other writer friends who have similar statistics. It’s above average, but I personally don’t think it’s feasible. If I’m understanding your list correctly, sorry if I don’t!


you won’t have 80,000$

Every 1,000 reads equals 1 dollar.

80,000 reads will equals 80$.

Over a three month period 80x3 = 240$

Edit: 1000 have three zeros so take of three zeros off your 80,000 reads and you’ll get the amount.


Thank you for clarifying! I admit, I’m not the best with math.

I still think relying on Ads would be more feasible than Wattpad paying writers, too. I think Futures should be more transparent and work similarly to how other creative sites pay their creators.


I said wattpad paying a $1 with every 1000 reads including the ad revenues. So writers will make a profit and readers will be content without having to pay for coins.


That’s why I said Wattpad paying writers too. I know you said both, I just don’t believe Wattpad should pay writers themself. Statistically, how many writers actually meet that threshold of a thousand reads every three months?

Wait, I found the answer. Only the top 5% have 1k reads + (source). Out of those, I wonder how many actually earned that amount within three months? This would just result, again, in many writers not meeting the threshold.


I personally don’t like the system because Wattpad has the complete ability to pick and choose which writers to support. To an extent, I think that’s fine, but at the same time, the prices are so high it gives them an unfair advantage and limits the reader’s experience here. I would prefer a tipping system where the readers can choose to support their favourite writers and where they can choose the amount to donate. Also, ad revenue is just a good system that’s not too inconvenient for readers, but can be helpful for writers.


So what is your solution? Obviously the coin system isn’t going to work. Either way you look at it you will encounter problems…


I like the tipping system idea. It gives readers a choice, but I feel writers will also complain about this.

Tipping Complainers: Writers
WattpadNextBeta complainers: Readers


I, personally, think the coin system will work. It’s a limited amount of stories. I do agree with @astrophile that the price should be decreased or reevaluated. It’s been proven to work on other websites, so I don’t see how it wouldn’t be possible here. Out of the 500 million stories here, only a few will be locked away. There will still be thousands of free stories available. We still don’t know if the program moves forward how those stories will be invited to pariticipate. I personally believe, though, those stories would have been locked somewhere else anyways, whether on a different serialization site or a distributor. The reader wouldn’t have been reading it anyways, so it does not impact them. Keeping the writer and their stories here, as well as allowing other writers to opportunity to come if they otherwise wouldn’t have with monetary incentive, it keeps readers here and may bring more reads down the line. That’s my personal opinion.

Like I’ve already said, though, I think Futures (the program that pays writers for ads) could be more transparent and have an application for those that would meet a minimum threshold. That could be one solution, since there are quite a few often confused about the program.


I haven’t seen any writers opposed to the tipping system. Most agree it would be nice if it was more easily accessible.


I don’t think this system includes majority of writers. Like @HEEdwards said

I agree with this statement. Did you know that there are no urban books included in this beta test run? So when the statistics come in we will not know how our genre would fair in the coin system.

I do believe this system will come with requirements. Does everyone meet the threshold? Wait I got it! Like your source said only the top 5% have 1k reads on their book.


I would have made $30 over six months XD


Why must it include the majority of writers? How will those writers make money from locked chapters if they do not have the readers to unlock those chapters? How will they make money from tips if they do not have the readers for those tips? This would be same for Ad revenue, because to make money from Ads, the person has to have the views. 95% of stories have less than a thousand reads. Nearly half of stories only have 1-2 reads. The audience just isn’t there yet, and I think that’s where tipping comes in.

That’s why I said I agree with tipping for all writers. It gives both an option. Writers who do not meet the threshold have the ability of getting donations while growing their base, and those who do can participate in a different program.

To me, it’s a win-win for both, especially if Futures is more transparent.


So what if it doesn’t include you? If you have 10k reads on your story you have readers. Active Readers. Most books on Wattpad that are in the 100,000 range don’t have active readers so what’s the point of them going behind a wall?