Wattpad Next Beta: For those who Disagree


I’d be okay with it not including me. That’s why I’d like tipping to be available to all writers.

I’d imagine if Next moves forward with lockable works, it would go by average readers, which would make sure the writers have active readers. Usually, though, once a story hits a certain number of reads, it consistently receives more reads. At least, that’s my experience with talking with other writers.


I’m more likely to be an eBook off of Amazon instead of paying $7.99 for coins. (Max package I know) but face it, that’s probably what the readers who can afford them will go for.


Meant Amazon*


Next should be select authors who can have lockable chapters AND tipping while tipping should be included for ALL authors, even the smallest of us.


That’s what I said.


Facepalm. I didn’t see that, sorry. I’m operating on 3 hours of sleep XD But I’ve been in that mentality since one of the other threads.


I know with what YouTube does, they have a certain way to pay creators by views.

They do use the “every 1k is a dollar” I believe. However, they go by a monthly paycheck so creators only get paid based on views in any videos made in that payment period. Videos older than a month no longer bring in money for creators (only if the video has ads, but they don’t use the viewing as a way after the videos become a month old). Although I don’t know how they would make that happen with books.

I hope this made sense.


So you disagree with my solution? I don’t think it’s a bad idea if wattpad extends it to every three months.


Oh no, I was just saying the YouTube does the similar thing and it works. Whether wattpad does 3 or 1 month is fine by me. That’s their choice.


That 1k = about a dollar is from adsense only. YouTube doesn’t pay their creators out of their own pockets. They are paid from Ads. (Coming from someone who previously a YouTube partner before they changed the requirements)


Yea youtube is definitely the approach of one wants to go freemium. My thing is, if I want to be payed, I don’t want Wattpad taking a cut. I already have a smashwords, and intend on publishing it through that website.

The problem with ads is they get annoying, I personally don’t hesitant to ublock origin that stuff. Ads are fine as long a they’re not “tailored advertising.”

My lack of privacy isn’t a good price for anything. Facebook does that stuff and worse all the time, one reason I no longer use it often.

Regular advertising, where it’s not based on data gathered about me, is fine. As long as they’re not also expecting to use the premium option too. Yea they say its to remove ads, but that could change at any moment.

With physical copies, its one thing. As there are used book stores.

And yes I have heard of used ebooks, and it’s absolutely ridiculous.


There are used ebooks? ʕʘ.ʘʔ


Basically the place would sell barcodes, and you can sell those bar codes to a book store, they sell that used used for a markdown.

Pretty silly stuff.

As you can imagine, it never caught on.


I’m not surprised. It sounds so weird! ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ


Wow that’s crazy that people are doing this but nothing surprises me now a days. Anything is likely to happen under the table. Stay woke.


That was a bit of an oversight. Urban is very popular - in all genres. I’m surprised they used such a small sample. It’s not like they didn’t have the material to use more.

The authors don’t have to be based in say Canada/Mexico/England/Philipines so they could have asked anyone with suitable stories.


I agree, but only a select few as always.


Um… I just want to point something out. Currency conversion (which is based on current exchange rates) is not a fool proof way on assessing what’s expensive and what isn’t.

In one country, 1 dollar may get you a lot. In another country, 1 dollar may get you nothing. Just because there’s more numbers or higher numbers in one currency compared to 1USD doesn’t mean it’s more expensive.

Example, the USA has dollar stores. Everything $1. Japan has one hundred yen stores. Everything ¥100. The conversion rate is 1.00 USD = 112.547659 JPY. Does that mean it’s more expensive in Japan? No. Exchange rate-wise, the dollar is worth more… but a ¥100 coin will get you at the one hundred yen shop the same thing a $1 bill will get you at the dollar store.

A further example: a McDonalds big Mac. To buy one in the US, you’ll need 5 dollars and 30 cents. That’s 5.27 Swiss francs. But in Switzerland, a big Mac costs 6.82. If you’re Swiss, though, you’re also earning higher wages, paying higher taxes for universal healthcare and such, and therefore spending less out of pocket to live. So a big Mac might be more expensive in Switzerland, but it isn’t more expensive for the people. Do you get what I mean?

My 2008 paperback copy of Paper Towns by John Green says it is $9.99 USD/$12.50 CAD. The book’s worth isn’t changing across countries, even if it’s price is. When it comes to this book, 9.99USD has the same worth as 12.50CAD.

Because it’s so complex comparing coin/chapter costs to asses worth or affordability for various countries, in short, the best means of comparison is HOW MUCH DOES AN EBOOK COST IN THAT COUNTRY? What you get on Wattpad, Tapas, Radish, should be comparable to a traditionally published ebook. It can be less. But it’s a poor business move for it to be more.


Even if monetary support were optional (i.e. tipping), the problem still remains that many people don’t have the funds and/or patience.

I think that the ideal thing would be for readers to be able to monetarily support authors by doing what they love, which is consume. Basically paying with consumption.

For example, you’re playing a game where logging in every day and passing obstacles/levels gets you diamonds. With those diamonds, you can not only buy boost items but special routes. If you want more diamonds, you also have the option of paying through the app store. Essentially, though, you get diamonds FOR the game by PLAYING the game.

There’s a comic app called Webcomics. All of the comics are free but there are tasks you can complete daily (read for 10 min, log in, comment, watch an ad, etc.). Though the coins are used to trade for actual goods not tip or unlock chapters, it’s just an example of readers receiving rewards for just using the app.

If readers could somehow receive their coins for just using Wattpad with the additional option to purchase coins or watch adverts, that’d be ideal.



Technically, the consumer in countries such as Japan will have to exchange their money into Canadian when doing money transfer. I’m I still out in left field? Lol