Wattpad Next Beta: For those who Disagree


That’s a good idea. I think that’s fair across the board.


I’m not an app developer nor have I ever run an international business. But I do know that it can depend. I’ve seen some websites convert using exchange rates. I’ve seen others convert using worth.

Ex: A US-based company offering €0.99 in Europe and $0.99 in the US. But the exchange is 0.99USD = 0.86Euros. The rate is exchange rate is 1.149934. If the rate is close to “one for one”, then a business might just keep it the same price, just change the currency. Or it might choose to go by worth. Or it might choose to go by literal exchange rate. :woman_shrugging:

Some companies charge conversion fees as well. I mean, it’s all up to Wattpad how to charge per country. Again, I think the most fair thing would be to go buy how much on average an eBook is per country.


That’s what I was taught when you said keep the currency .

If a country is dollar for dollar then the rates stays the same. (Not including taxes)

You talked about Canadian money and u.s.a with paper towns

Canadians paid more for the book because of their currency. It is not dollar for dollar. Their 1 dollar is worth 77¢ so they paid a few cents more to make it equal to a dollar. If it was the same they would have paid the same price just in different currency.


I do love your idea.


I think what everyone here is forgetting is price levels.

The average cost of things vary from place to place. No, You’re not paying more if something is $1 = N360. That’s equal worth.

It’s that things are just less expensive in countries with low price levels.

A bottle of watter is $2. That’s around N1040. N1040 in Nigeria can buy you 12 bottles of water (price level is lower in Nigeria.) So things are actually more expensive in the USA not the other way around.

Using this to discuss wattpad premium and buying chapters etc.

$5 is not expensive in the USA but $5 = N2500+

And you can use N2500 to buy a month’s internet plan in Nigeria so it LOOKS like $5 for premium is ridiculously expensive when its not.

(Like how you can by jeans easy peasy for <N5000 (about 10+ dollars), when finding jeans for less than $25-30 in north America is hard.)


If anyone doesn’t understand what the hell I just explained, just read this:



Why couldnt there just be tips? Whoever wants to support the author and has the money to can tip them any amount, while anyone that is broke doesn’t have to.


This! This is the way to do it!


I’m fine with the system as long as it’s only open to a small number of people so everyone doesn’t end up doing it


I don’t think a Youtube system would work because if you look at a lot of creators on Youtube, they are actually making their money on merch, sponsorships and Patreon since the Adpocalypse. Those who are in niche markets who are often demonetised (Ask A Mortician - for example), rely on sponsorships and Patreon almost exclusively of which Youtube itself doesn’t get a cut of any of it. Not ideal for Wattpad (as it wouldn’t get any money really) nor the author (who has to shove merch or patreon down their readers throats through calls to action).

I’m also concerned about the price of the books. Some books might have millions of reads and only be 20 or so decent length chapters, but others might have millions of reads and have hundreds of short or text-message type chapters. There’s a reason that traditional publishing magazeines pay by the word for serials and short stories and vary their rates depending on what’s being published (poetry or short story or serial or novella). In general though, that’s an intensive system, that relies on submissions and actual eyes on the work to assess quality. We know that Wattpad will be mostly leaving it to algorithms so that method won’t work either.

Another option is just a set price to unlock ‘the rest’ of a story. Authors can choose how far along they set their paywall but once someone spends their coins on the story, it is unlocked up to their most recent update for a set one-off price, with further updates unlocked for a much lower cost or discounted rate? IDK.

Personally, I think an in-house Patreon style system would be the best. One where authors can set up subscriptions to their content as a whole and be paid either per upload or per month (if they’ve met a minimum requirement that could be set as a word count to ensure people aren’t just updating three word chapters or whatever). It would allow people to get dependable income from Wattpad, and people would start using it more professionally and get real returns from it. You could even get authors who currently only have an option to self-publish through Kindle and post sample chapters here to come back to the platform if they could see themselves earning a decent ‘wage’ from producing content for here.

Other than that, a Tapas tipping style system, where people can tip chapters that they like.

Just in general, anything that ensures both the quality of content, keeps the price to the reader managable, and still rewards authors for uploading decent content consistently.


As someone who was previously a YouTube partner, I can vouch that partners are only paid from Ads. YouTube does not pay from their own pockets and while I am 50/50 with the Next program, I also don’t think it’s fair for HQ to pay out of theirs. Like if YouTube isn’t paying their content creators despite being a billion dollar company, it’ll be unfair to expect Wattpad to do it considering its revenue comparison to YT.


I completely understand but Wattpad needs to make it clear how much each ad is worth and what percentage they take from the ad.

I get the star and coin programs are still in the beta stages but they could give us statistics. I’m tired of hearing, “It doing better than expected.” Where is the proof?


This thread is kind of dead but I still want to voice my concerns. Recently, I wanted to read a story that looked really interesting, and then I saw that it was locked. I don’t have money to spare on reading stories. I get all of my books from family members. I just don’t have money. I love reading and I feel like this is a barrier for people like me who rely on free online forums to read from.
I understand that it’s great that writers can get paid and I DID agree with this idea. But I didn’t realize that it would bar people from reading stories entirely. There’s already Wattpad Premium, and it feels like they’re turning it into an entirely paid service. I don’t want to leave WattPad, but if it turns into I have to pay for stories I want to read, I might just switch to ao3 permanently. And I hate that. I just don’t have funds. It stinks.


That’s still at least hundreds of thousands of stories that have over 1k. Getting 1k a month isn’t really that hard if you try hard. If wattpad writers really want to make wattpad more like youtube, then we all have to be willing to put in that extra work the same way successful youtube accounts do.


I’m not in a country where Next is being betaed, so I don’t know jack about it.
But my issue with the idea of Next, is that it’s excluding people rather than including. A voluntarily tipping system would include everyone. Readers and writers alike.

I don’t have the funds to spend money on whatever tickles my fancy, and I hate the idea of my story being locked off from people like myself.
I’m posting my story on WP in hopes of getting some feedback, to lock my story off would contradict that idea completely. So I would say no if I was asked to join Next.

But if someone wrote a story I really, really enjoy, I like the idea of having the option to support that writer with a symbolic gesture because I chose to.


I think the tipping system or Patreon system should be used instead of… whatever this is.




Like many have said before, I think tipping is the best option.

To echo other peoples’ concerns, not only are the prices even high for books in general - someone calculated that one of the Beta books would cost around 20 dollars to unlock which is RIDICULOUS because I can buy a trad published and edited hardcover for that price - and that most users just don’t have the cash to participate.

I, personally, came to WP because it was free and I could participate for free. Most of the site is composed of teenagers who usually have little to no income and even some of the adults on here have little to no income to spare! Besides even the availability for participating, the rates - as I said earlier - are outrageously high for ebooks, let alone factoring in that they aren’t even professionally edited.

Even if the prices stay the same throughout, there’s still problems. I don’t know if they’re going to change the prices depending on the country, but they really should think of it if they’re not. Like, McDonald’s in my home country costs LESS than in Canada, and yet it’s seen as very expensive for the small meals that they are. So, even if the prices are lowered, the prices may be way too high for anyone to consider paying them.

I think the best way to do things would be a hybrid system. Tipping would allow those with little income to support their favourite authors with whatever they can without feeling pressured to do so and no small authors would feel excluded, but bigger authors could lock themselves behind paywalls if WP picks them and they think it’s a better option, PLUS if WP takes a percentage of everyone’s tips then they would be earning even more money and more people would be happy.

Also, most of the responses so far has been very negative. This is a Beta, so it’s growth means it should be based on the response, right? Even with all this negativity, WP has expanded the program and stated that the program has been a “great success”. Since there’s so much negativity, a lot of people have been demanding the data to back this up and have been met with a very vague and see-through excuse. BUT, when the featured applications were introduced again, there was data available for the results very quickly, which made their non release of Next data very questionable. I think that showing progress reports with data would really help them show that the Next is working for the majority of users, and - if not - I would really like to know why they keep pushing it ahead despite negative reactions.

Wattpad’s current user base came here for free content, and I feel like WP is forgetting that. Like, I know that this is a natural step for WP to take and I’m not negating that, but I think the lack of good communication and the fact that they jumped straight into lockable chapters without testing the reactions about paid content with the site’s majority has really been working against them.

I think that the way that WP went about implementing the program has really harmed the community and even the future of paid content on WP unless they pull off a miracle and get this shit storm under control :woman_shrugging::joy:


TBH I think worse than the backlash (which happens literally every time they change something or add something new) is the way they’re denying the backlash exists


Agreed… In a way.

I think that the fact the backlash is so big and present is pushing away any authors from the new user base they’re trying to attract, because why would you post on WP with its bad reputation if you’re going to get backlash just for PUBLISHING and it seems like most people aren’t buying, when you could just self-pub and have people judge your book because of its quality and not your decision to publish? The reality is, you wouldn’t!

BUT, I do agree that the denial of backlash is what’s harming the COMMUNITY and current user base the most! It feels like they’re pushing away their current users without attracting the new ones they want! If they’re not careful, they could end up with less users instead of expanding like they wanted to, I think.