Wattpad Next Beta January Update ft. Nick



Thank you - that is a kind thing to say!

I’m more concerned that these kinds of things are being written on the profiles of younger/newer writers. I’m used to this kind of discourse - and far worse - as a reporter. I’m able to just roll my eyes and move on. Younger writers or people who haven’t experienced this kind of nastiness could be profoundly affected, though, and that bothers me.


@royal888 I agree. :grimacing:

Regardless of any users opinion on the Next Beta, the author shouldn’t be getting abused like that.

The ambassadors and Wattpad staff have been monitoring the comments on the Next Beta stories - We’ve answered questions and dealt with any trolls. We’ve had intensive training about the correct procedures.

Wattpad has also appointed a communication expert specifically for dealing with Next Beta related issues.

So don’t let this put you off if Nick or any of them contact you (or anyone else reading this) at any stage. Let your decision be based on where you want to take your writing.

Wattpad and your local friendly ambassador will have your back. :heart:


there should also be like a sort of program that helps up and coming authors get more exposure, i know there is like a community spotlight, but there are also tons of undiscovered books that are EXTREMELY good, so idk but maybe thats something for wattpad to look through? maybe to find a way to filter out the authors/books who have real potential…


This is a great point - Wattpad and the ambassadors have been on top of things, responding to comments! I’m super grateful for that.


there is the feature programme where, to the best of my knowledge, one can apply again. that and the Wattys. So, if you write really well, those are definitely good opportunities


I suggested that when I filled in the Writing Tools form.


Are those stories/authors hand picked by humans?


There’s this:



AMA? “Against Medical Advice??”:laughing:



Ask Me Anything :joy:


@therealbereth Sidetracking here, but I can relate to this so hard. >.< I wish I’d known about Wattpad years ago.

@TamaraLush Wow. :flushed: Seriously? I mean, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because it’s the internet, but that’s awful.

@smaoineamh Ditto. I’d love to hear more about this.


Honestly, I’m fine with set-in-stone prices even if I can’t support because - as you said - these authors worked hard and deserve to get paid well for their work! But I wouldn’t pay 20 bucks for an ebook, like, ever. I’m too broke for that life :joy:


Don’t worry, I wouldn’t either and I love the idea of Next. Just needs some tweaking imho but I think the concept is great and will allow wattpad to stay competative.

But if I’m spending that much on a book I definitely want it physically in my hands.


Which is why I think some people are going to be upset about WP Books and some of the published books being Next stories.

There is obviously a difference between eBooks and softcover books, but for the more expensive eBooks, I would be demanding a physical copy as well.


I’m curious, for those that have books on Wattpad Next is cross posting for the book allowed? I would assume no but it would be good to have a solid answer


Hey Nick,
Thanks for answering the question that was in my mind but I saw your post before I questioned :slight_smile:
But I have another question. Lets say you reach out to an author whose first book of the series is available on Wattpad. Now if you ask that author has preceding series written, and if yes, you’d want to ask her to join Next team.
If I play a devil’s advocate here, the author is selling the second book on Amazon (why? because Wattpad doesn’t pay) so from a reader’s perspective, if the series is available outside the Wattpad, then why would I buy the coins? I’d rather buy that book from iTunes or Amazon if I have money. Right? Then how does the author encourage readers to come on Wattpad if she is already selling the book outside the Wattpad and people are desperate to read it. As a reader, I pay here to buy coins or I buy the ebook, its same for me. But from author’s perspective, she won’t have enough readers to buy coins. Does it mean she shouldn’t be putting her book for sale if she is enrolled in Beta program? Just curious! Want to know how will think work in this scenario.


So we have new features on watty? y or not?
It’s good news.


Where you discussed typo in your post, I’d like to give suggestions to all the writers, who put their first drafts: many readers lose their interest in reading your story (no matter how good the story is) if it has too many typos. It doesn’t matter if your language is not English or the story is not professionally edited, but basic spelling mistakes, you can always work on it. There is a website called “grammarly.” If you copy paste your chapter there, it will point out basic typos on your writing that you were missing or couldn’t see. You can also install the software on your browser and every time you write something on Wattpad, it will underline the errors. It will help you work on your small mistakes.


If you have chrome grammarly can be added as an extension and you can use it directly on other sites. I use it to double check my Wattpad chapters.


Agreed with every single thing you said :joy::joy: