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I don’t know if I follow this post or question, sorry.

If someone joins the program and makes their first book paid on Wattpad, and their remaining books paid on Amazon in the series? That seems like a weird thing to do, it would be pretty unlikely as we’d like to keep all of a series on Wattpad so as to not have such a disruptive reading experience and I imagine the author would want to do the same. It is a business partnership so the author would only be hurting their own ability to earn an income by separating a series out like that.

I think that’s what you asked but I’m really not sure?


If books were cross posted prior to selection, would the candidate not be considered?


I meant to ask that if the first book of the series is on Amazon and on Wattpad (as not all amazon users use wattpad and not all wattpad users use Amazon) and the second series is only only Amazon (or other outlets like iTunes) and the author has provided the link on Wattpad that if you’re interested in reading further, purchase the book from Amazon or Kobo or whatever platform there is. Many authors have done this. Keeping their first book free on Wattpad and at a very low price of 99c on other outlets to grab the readers and hook them with their story. So in this scenario, if the author is chosen for Beta program, does the Wattpad ask them to take the second and third or rest of the series off of these outlets or knowing that other books are available outside the Wattpad, Wattpad will walk out of the offer given to the author to join Beta program? What happens in this case? Because from readers perspective, its the same. Get a book from Amazon or iTunes or paying coins to Wattpad.


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But is that because people were happy to pay? Or simply because stories in the Program are literally advertised at the top at all times?


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Good point. I can see how that could be misleading to new members on the site.


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@nick I’d like to help with the comments in the Next stories, Nick. If it’s okay with you :slight_smile:


The profile comments also need help. Lots of people asking about it on the Next Author’s walls.


No, they can be considered. Plenty of authors were. Tamara is in here and talks about how she is cross posted all over the place. Sometimes, since its self published, they just take it down. Otherwise, if they don’t want to, they might create entirely new content for the program because they still want to participate and have showcased their ability already


Then you want the answer above on whether or not people can cross post and what might happen


Would be both, though there’s a number of competing factors going on there.

At a general level though, that should not have happened. Stories should’ve lost readership compared to being free, but promotion has offset a lot of that as they’re exposed to new audiences (something I talk about way back at the start). That also contradicts some of our other findings on low read stories being promoted. Typically, even if we promote something with very low reads, very little will happen, as people are attracted to stuff with reads.

But putting a fancy stamp of value on it by making it paid might override that (plus a novelty factor of wanting to check out this new thing)


This is a great discussion! I’m very glad it exists.


Where is that? On which profile? Can you please clarify? :slight_smile:


Tay’s wall.


I see so many people asking her about the book in the comments and on her profile message board.


Tay? What’s her username?