Wattpad Next Beta January Update ft. Nick



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@nick This was on Tay’s wall by another user:

“I bought The QB Bad boy and me, and I can’t read it. Can you tell me why? Or when I can access it? Or if I can get my money back?? It’s really frustrating. It said 3 months but that time has passed.”

Just thought I would pass it along in case you want to help them out.


@nick I support the program as writing is a tough business, and I believe the authors should be paid for their hard work (if they want to be paid).




Absolfuckinglutely. I have already started several stories on here and abandoned them due to typos and grammos, and the writer seemed uninterested in bettering his work.


The user needs to send ticket I’m afraid. :confused:


She did reply to him.
Some phones like to cache things - so removing the book from the library, logging out, logging in, and re-adding the book fixes it 95% of the time.
Sometimes, if they are using a really old version of the Wattpad app, it has to be updated.
Other than that, they can submit a ticket.


Hi, how are you? Yeah I take issue with this (not offended I just take issue). I feel like you kind of need to speak to this because black women are too under represented in genres that aren’t urban and that is a serious issue. I need to see people like me in romance (not just in interracial relationships), fantasy, horror you know things like that. If you don’t have the answer, can you ask someone who does. Not to be rude it just had to be said.


You mean generally more representation from all marginalized groups across any genres, not specifically ones like Urban? That’s always part of our goals and intentions here, we just were also lacking in Urban content and they deserve that space. We’re not adding Urban or LGBT content to say “and that’s the only space they get” we’re adding it because they also get that space, on top of their normal appearances across Wattpad.

There’s still plenty of stories to add that you’ll see popping up over the next few weeks…


Yeah that’s what I meant but aside from the urban genre we need to see strong black female leads up there so that we are no longer under represented on this platform. I appreciate wattpad putting in the effort. I suggest you guys try contacting black female authors in and outside of the urban category then you’ll see great change.


ahem Not to toot my own horn, but I write fantasy with black women. I believe @AWFrasier, @CocoNichole and @authorhlumelo do too. @saintc writes black women, but (correct me if I’m wrong), she write teenfic, and new adult. I’m pretty sure there are other people I’m missing (I need to pay more attention). But the ones I did mention do, and have done, really well on this platform.

There is some melinated excellence in genres outside of Urban Fiction. It’s just a little bit harder to find, because there’s just a ton of stuff on this site. This isn’t me discrediting what you said by the way. I feel you.


I saw Fireborn by @Carolyn_Hill was going to be added, but I haven’t seen it in the list yet. I can also access chapter 6 still without paying for it and I no longer have Premium.


I get it its just less and harder to come by. I feel like a handful of great books aren’t enough. When you look at a lot of the popular books black women tend to be under represented. I get your point though. Ill go check their books out but maybe I wasn’t looking in the right places. I still think I need more representation (not to mention the love interests. I don’t necessarily mean for their books).


You might want to check out these threads.


Yeah, I get what you’re saying. I think the problem is mostly since for a very long time certain types of characters weren’t common people that work with them have sort of boxed themselves into a niche. (In this case Black People and Urban Fiction) So, it is indeed hard to find them outside their niche.

I think Wattpad has the right idea, though! I see the diversity in the books they picked to get published so that’s nice.


Hi, we aren’t bashing or saying no more white protagonists and I’m glad we opened up a dialogue where we cam address this. We simply feel as though we need more PoC characters. This doesn’t mean less white characters. It almost feels as though we aren’t seen in literature. White characters are shown more so that when we see the same blue eyes blonde hair in books we start to roll our eyes because we desire some diversity. I don’t know why we have to make a conscious effort to find stories with PoC leads on such a diverse platform but something needs to change.


I suggest creating a seperate thread in the cafe then. More people will most likely be responsive to a thread there than using the Next thread to address your concerns. :slight_smile:


Would always love to celebrate promoting more black authors, or more asian authors or more LGBT authors or transgender or those dealing with mental illness or many, many more but we also are all about being anonymous. I would have no idea that a profile called mightnever with a picture of a fantasy character would be a black woman or a white male or anything else, and we don’t really go around asking. We only know if people tell us, for the most part, and not everyone does, and that’s ok. Everyone has the ability to be as private as they want on Wattpad.


Tags can also help. :slight_smile:


They can, but only as much as people use them. Plus we play the dangerous game of not knowing if someone is writing about a black character’s experiences but is not black, and it’s weird to message an author and say “hi, are you black?”