Wattpad Next Beta January Update ft. Nick



Also, do you have the read chart again for the percentage of books and reads ratio? I need to bookmark it because a lot of people are asking about it in the Undiscovered thread I created.


It would still be in the old thread, how many reads to the top? something like that if you punch it in search


Okay, thanks.


Yes! I totally agree!


Yup, usually I have to search for diverse stories instead of them being on my home page or recommended feed.


I’ve had people message me this before though. It was awkward but also kind of funny.


I get the oppisite, cause my rl nickname is a indian name as well.


Very true (I appreciate the open dialogue we’re all having here) I think that interacting with accounts or even looking at the main characters you may know things like that. I just feel as though along with the help of wattpad we as readers and writers need to put in the effort to look for these things. Trans people are even more under represented on this platform and though I am not trans myself I should find ways to help trans books and trans authors. I am glad that you did take the time to look at my profile even for a split second. I would also like to raise the question , why don’t you afford writers with low reads to partake in the beta program? Though the book has low reads it may pick up tremendously on the program and would serve as a learning experience for wattpad. I myself would love the opportunity an even $100.00 would go a long way for me and many others. I understand that my profile is undiscovered but why not afford the opportunity?


Well mostly for reasons I outlined above. It’s just a risk assessment. If people are really into a story, they tend to find it and read it, and while there are definitely lots of stories with low reads that just haven’t been discovered yet, there’s also lots that have low reads because people just aren’t interested in that content, so making them paid won’t make people buy content they weren’t previously interested in. And that’s a big risk we’re taking on and the more initial interest a story already has, the more that risk diminishes.

We know people are very attached to seeing if a story already has readers before they check into it, and promoting low read stories doesn’t tend to make their read counts go up (it’s like a snowball, promoting something with a hundred reads might only give it a dozen more, promoting ones with thousands of reads can give hundreds and on and on. A lot of writers in here can comment on the phenomenon of suddenly being discovered and seeing it ramp up and up).

But it’s possible that us putting a special badge on the stories and calling out that they’re paid will override people’s affiliation with read counts. It’s why we started at 60K+ and now we’re down to 8K+ and it continues to likely drop as we continue to add new stories with 0 reads that continue to do well.


So basically someone just as to market themselves the right way and if they’re successful, you’ll consider them for an invite depending on the comments and traffic the story has overall received?


Yup, such is the marketplace. Like I said, it’s one of the qualities we look for in stories, how much people want to engage in marketing and pursue this as a career. People who are in it for artistic endeavours are totally fine, just not usually the right people who might want to go commercial and try to sell content (they usually don’t want to anyways, part of being artistic).

Would likely be a better space for tipping options or other things if there are those who don’t want to commit to trying to sell their stories because they want to be artsy and appeal to extreme niches but also want to make money. Not sure who these people are, sure they’re out there


Points to self. XD

I volunteer as tribute!


Quoting an analogy I used before in a different conversation, you can think of it like selling muffins.

You want to sell a muffin that appeals to a market. You might think Guava flavoured muffins are super neat, but if nobody likes them, you have no sales and probably don’t continue that flavour.

But you also don’t want to just make like vanilla muffins cause anyone can make those and replicate them and they don’t stand out in any way (plus wal-mart would run you out of business in an instant). So you need to find that balance of bringing your unique flavour.

And we might look at that and say “wow what an interesting version of a chocolate muffin, those sell well” or we might even say “hmm, never seen a cold war urban fantasy spy thriller muffin before, but I can see how those flavours combine, maybe nobody has ever made that before cause nobody likes them or maybe nobody has tried yet, so let’s see what happens.”

But, end of the day, you’re still selling muffins. So if you want to sell something that is not a muffin (a deconstructed muffin? I dunno, the metaphor starts to wear off), you can do that, it’s just that we’re selling muffins so we have to make sure you have a muffin to sell and you are the type of person who wants to sell it


I’m full time writing since I’m disabled so I would love to see a tipping or ad revenue option like Tapas has at a threshold. I know we’ve discussed this before, but I do think there are ways it can be done. Like you said, it’s probably going to take time to figure out what those ways are.


Yeah and I know there are people with no commercial interests but who might want to appeal to super niche groups, just a person or two out there even. I write stuff that’s just for Nick so I don’t much care who reads it, it just makes me happy and I wouldn’t monetize it.

Then I have other stories that are super commercial and I think “I’m a successful writer and good author, it would be awesome to make money.”

…but that would be a conflict of sorts.

I guess I’ll settle for being paid to nerd out about Wattpad stories. Sigh.


Put me in the group who writes for fun. I save the stuff for Amazon on my computer and don’t post it here since I like to keep real life out of WP life. :slight_smile: Unless I become super famous some day lol.


The hard answer here is that each individual, for good reason, believes their story is deserving of the chance or is the exception to the rule and that might be true but on a broad level, it is not. For every breakout no read story we feature, there’s a hundred others we feature where nothing happened.

We aren’t opposed to testing stories that have no reads, as new stories do, but we also have a lot of data on our side that indicates people are more likely to read a story when it has more reads than when it doesn’t. We definitely have no data that indicates people are more likely to read no read stories, especially considering the two highest earning stories are also two of the most read stories on the platform. While Crash and Will and Rosie were totally new and did well, they’re only two stories, written by very successful authors who have shown commercial appeal. So we will keep testing and keep seeing if reads matter less and less with that paid stamp but those learnings will take time.

In the meantime, do what you can to sell your story everywhere you can within the community. And work on your story to see where you can continue to improve it.

As I always say, focus your energy in making sure you have the best version so that when the spotlight arrives your story is ready instead of focusing on adjusting the spotlight.


That’s cool I’ll put all of my energy into my story and see how far I can push it. There is really no need for the “Im sorry just do your bes” its sweet we get it. Next question. Are you only in charge of the beta programe and why cant I access it from my country?


I don’t know what only in charge of means as in if you’re looking for answers to others things but yes, I’m the Editorial Lead, I oversee the content side of things (me and my team can’t code). As for country access, the beta is to limited countries to stress test our systems and the program. If we put it everywhere and there was a critical error, all of Wattpad would go down which wouldn’t be super. And then it’s also to test the community reaction in smaller, controlled markets compared to others. For example, if introducing paid content caused everyone in Canada to stop reading, but Australia was unaffected, that would be a bad sign. And if we needed to roll it back, easier to do that with only some countries compared to all of them.

That said, there have been announcements about the expansion of the program that includes turning on more countries.


@nick Is it coming to Europe?