Wattpad Next Beta January Update ft. Nick



Technically it already is, unless we’re counting Brexit already :stuck_out_tongue:


Updated the original post with some new info for those subscribed to this whole post or watching or whichever


Oh Boy!!:rofl::joy::rofl::roll_eyes::expressionless: Here we go again.


Really? Support? Why doesn’t the Wattpad profile follow the urban fiction account that is ran by ambassadors?


So the profile run by the ambassadors, the volunteers of Wattpad, with its Wattpad logo and name that you cannot get since it’s less than 6 characters unless Wattpad specially created it proves that Wattpad does not support the urban genre


I’m sorry haesel but we’ve had these debates before, I’m aware you have issues with the Next Beta and Wattpad as a whole and you’ve expressed them. I’m not going to start that again and go further, especially since this is off the original topic. You can continue to have discussions on Wattpad diversity in some of the threads, such as wattpadsowhite or the why are protagonists white discussions.

But if you’re here again to start commenting on everyone’s posts, this won’t go very far


However, if you want the specific answer for why it doesn’t follow it, not running those profiles, I would guess it would be because we stopped using the Wattpad profile to follow other profiles, especially as we started creating more and more under the ambassadors. It also used to follow all the staff but then we stopped doing that too.

If you think that proves we don’t support urban content ok, I disagree but that would be it.




So I just need to grab myself a cliche, throw some generic names in it, a nerd, a bad boy, and add a dash of steamy romance. 8K, no problem.


Taming the Bad Boy Sherlock Holmes.

Have at it!


I mean, it would probably hit the hot list in five minutes.


He slid his hands around my waist and looked into my eyes. He spoke two words I’ve always wanted to hear. “You’re mine.”



So…wanna get popular on Wattpad, take something that’s already been done and got popular, twist it your own way, and throw some romance on it. Maybe give it a cliche title.

Guys, I cracked the code.


I’m cringing…I wanna claw my eyes out…


“Hands bleach to you.”


“Douses eyes”


Orrrr you could write what you love, make it as good as you can, and be proactive about finding your readers. I’m writing a dark political fantasy with LGBT characters. It just hit 170K and got featured. :blush: There’s a lot of good work on Wattpad that gains recognition.

Also, no need to make fun of other writers creating what they love. It may be that they really enjoy those tropes, it may be that they were inspired or hooked by something similar they read, or it may be that they’re young and trying their hand at completing something for the first time. I think it’s great that they’re writing, rather than playing Fortnite.


We’re not really making fun of those writers, more at WP and how they claim to love creativity, but only really featuring the same genre.

I see Romance getting promoted all the time on the app and barely anything else.


Hmm, I think they’re not only featuring romance, and within both the Wattpad Next and the current Editor’s Choice list there’s a variety of genres to choose from. It’s definitely true that some genres have a tougher time, but I think that means it’s going to take more time, not that hitting some real milestones will never happen.

I’m sure you wouldn’t want anyone who happens to be writing a bad-boy werewolf romance and enjoying themselves to see those posts and feel that their interests are less-than, or their recognition undeserved. But I don’t really see how making fun of WP helps the situation at all, and I disagree with @sarakbeeksma explanation for how writers can be successful on this site.


But Nick said we’re supposed to be writing what the readers want to read.